92nd Thirunakshatram of Sri. U.Ve. Purisai Nadadur Krishnamachariar Swami


On August 30th 2014, Avani Chithirai; 92nd varusha thirunakshatram of Sri Purisai Nadadur Krishnamachariar Swami was celebrated grandly at Swami Thirumaligai, Chennai.

Purisai Swami was born on “Avani Chithirai” in Tamil year “Dhundhubi” (August 24, 1922) in Purisai, an ancient village on the banks of the river Cheyyar, North Arcot district, Tamil Nadu. Purisai Swami’s father Sri U.Ve Rangaramanujachariar Swami and his grand father were reputed for their adherences to the prescribed code of conduct.They were held in high esteem as exemplary Acharyas.

Purisai Swami’s father was called “ Soora Vedaadhyayee”, because of his unquestionable scholarship by no less a person than the reputed Prathivaadi Bayamkaram Sri Annangarachariar Swami of Kanchipuram. Purisai Swami’s mother is the daughter of Srimad 42nd Azhagiya Singar (Injimaetu Azhagiasingar) of Sri Ahobila Matam.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion can be viewed below..

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The Heritage
Purisai has been the birthplace for generations of erudite Sanskrit scholars, exponents of Veda and Vedantha of Visishtadhvaitha School of philosophy. Purisai Swami’s maternal grandfather, HH 42nd Jeer of Ahobila Mutt studied in Varanasi and was respected throughout India and was held in high esteem for his wide scholarship, extremely strict adherence to code of conduct(“Vairaghya”). Purisai Swami is also related to the renowned H.H Thevanarvilaagam Azhagiyasingar (43rd Jeer of Sri Ahobhila Mutt) and also H.H Mukkur Azhagiyasingar the 44th Jeer of Sri Ahobhila Mutt.

Purisai Swami by his authoritative knowledge of Sri Bashya in his book “Sukha Bodhini” has embellished “Sri Bashya Simhasanam” – a hereditary title conferred on this eminent family. Even in his eighties he  pursued this project with zeal and enthusiasm to enable everyone to understand this terse subject.

Educational Career
Purisai Swami studied in Sri Venkateshwara Oriental College, Tirupathi and Sri Ahobhila Mutt Sanskrit College, Maduranthakam. His specialization of subjects and texts are innumerable and following are a few of them:

  • Vedhantha
  • Sahithya Dharmasasthra
  • Nyaya Vedhantha
  • Yajur Vedha (Saptha Kaandam)
  • Sri Bashya of Bashyakara Sri Ramanujacharya.
  • Githa Bahshya of Sri Bashyakara Sri Ramanujacharya
  • Bagavadh Vishayam
  • Works of Sri Vedantha Dhesikaa
  • Nyayaparisudhi
  • Nyaya Sidhanjanam
  • Tathvamuktha Kalapam
  • Tathvateekha
  • Tatparya Chandhrikha
  • Adhikarana Saaravali
  • Rahasyathrayasara

Apart from the above Swami has also, has distinct specialization in

  • Smruthi Rathnakara
  • Panchalakshani Gadhadhari
  • Samanya Nirukthi Pramanya Vadha
  • Panchalakshani
  • Smruthimuktaphala
  • Vyutpatti Vaadha

Swami graduated as Siromani, from Madhuranthakam College. Swamy’s principal guru is U.Ve Villivalam Sri Naaraynachar Swami (present Azhagiasinger’s poorvashrama elder brother).

Swami has had rigorous Kalakshebams under both HH 42nd HH 43rd Jeers of Ahobhila Mutt. Swami has worked as visiting professor at Maduranthakam Sanskrit College and has guided several scholars including university professors. He has been the curriculum advisor for several institutions teaching Hindu Shasthras , Sahityas and Sampradhaya.

Position of Eminence held and Honors Conferred
As a recognition of his in-depth knowledge and erudite scholarship since his early student ship, Swami was the Aasthana Vidwan of Sri Ahobhila Mutt. Swami was the Editor of Nrisimha Priya from 1963 to 2002. Prior to this Swami was the sub editor since 1950. Swami was the Scholar-adviser of Visishtadhvaitha Research Center and Sukha Bodhini Trust.

Swami was the President of the “Expert Committee” for preparation of an authentic and comprehensive history of Sri Vaishnavisam constituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1970.

Besides the above Swami had been given the honor of being the “Parikshaadhikari” for Vidwath Sadhas held every year by various mutts and Adhyaksha for various symposia. H.H Srimadh Aandawan of Poundareekapuram has conferred Swami with the title “Sri Dhesika Dharsana Choodaamani” and “ Sri Bashya Saraamurthavarshi. The Madras Namaazhwaar Trust had conferred Swami with the title “Sri Vaishnava Simham” in 2001. Swami was also the President of India Award, recipient in 1995 for his contribution in the fields Vedantha, Tradition and Sanskrit.

Swami has been propagating our “Sampradhaayam” in the traditional Kalakshebam method for more than 40 years. The lists of Swami’s sishyaas include Professors from IIT, Government Officials, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Computer and Management Professionals, Advocates and Judges. Owing to the depth of his knowledge Swami was chosen at a very early stage to conduct classes to the regular students in Madhuranthakam College.

There are continuous batches of students of various walks of life and age groups that had been attending his courses on Aahneekham, Baghavadth Vishayam, Rahasya Thrayasaram, Geetha Bashyam ,Sri Bashyam etc.

Book Publications
Following is the list of works authored by Swami:

  • Veekshaaranya Kshethram(On the temple at Thiruvallur and the presiding deity Shree Veereraaghavan Commentary on Thirumangai Aazhwar’s Sookthis on Lord Veeraraghava of Tiruvallur
  • Sri Bashyam commentary for Chapters II,III,& IV and upto Maha Siddhantham in Chapter I
  • Geetha Bashyartha closely following Tatparya Chandrikha (Commentary By Sri Vedhantha Desikha on Bashyakara’s Geetha Bashya)
  • Maha Bharatham (published under the auspices of Nrisimha Priya)
  • Srardha Prayogha
  • Ashta Sloki- Commentary
  • Vidhwath Manorama
  • Dharma Saram
  • Sarmrutham (Essence of Rahasya Thraya Saram)

Apart from the above works Swami has contributed around 150 articles to Nrusimha Priyaa since his early age. Each of the article of Swami that appears in Nrusimha Priyaa is a pleasure to read and it carries invaluable message from our Poorvacharyas. Swami has also contributed in the development of Sri Ahohila Mutt in general. He was the Agent for Sri. Veeraraghava Swami Devasthanam, Tiruvallur for 12 years and taken lot of efforts in improving the Madhuranthakam Sanskrit College.

The vaibhavam and contribution of our swami could not be be condensed in to any article. The above will be evident if one meets any of Swamy’s Sishyas or any Vidwan of Vedantha. They will never fail to understand the greatness of Swami and Swami’s Kalyana Gunams and Pandithyam. Swami attained Acharyan thiruvadi on 20th of Nov 2002.

Writeup Courtesy:  Sri K.S. Venkataraghavan; Photography: Sri Srikanth

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  1. Dear Sir, Let me introduce myself first. I belong to thuppul Srivaishnavas migrated to Andhrapradesh some two hundred years ago. I had learnt the Sribhashyam, Bhagavadvishayam, Gitabhashyam and other sampradaya grandhams including Nalayira divyaprabandham in the traditional kalaksheba paddati from U.Ve. Sriman, Mahamahopadhyaya Sriman Sribhashyam Appalacharyulu. for the past eight years, I have been assisting Sriman U.Ve. Mahamahopadhyaya Srirangam Nallan Chakravarthi Raghunathacharyaswamy of Warangal in the publication of Sribhashyam with Sruthaprakasika in Telugu. So far around 2000 pages in print have been written on Sribhashyam.
    I had gone through the Sribhashya vyakhyanam Sukhabodhini and found to be very very good. I felt that this being in Tamizh is restricting it for Tamilians only. In my opinion, this rendered in Telugu would increase the study of Sribhashyam by the telugu knowing people. So I had translated both the second Adhyaya and third Adhyaya into teleugu. I am trying to get in touch with the Sukhabodhini trust which has published the 2nd Adhyayam of Sukhabodhini. But so far I met with no success. I would requesr the Anudinam org. to help me in forwarding my request for permission to publish the Sukhabodhini in Telugu – no commercial interest is there. the interest being purely propagating the Study of Sribhashyam. I would be grateful if I can get the address of Sriman Purisai Nadadur Krishnamacharya Swami’s contact address and telephone number so that I can request swami directly.
    Adiyen Srinivasa Ramanuja Dasan


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