Tirupathi Sri Govindaraja Swamy Purappadu To Ahobila Mutt Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Sannadhi


Sri Govindarajar to Ahobila MuttOn, 03 August 2014, Jaya Varsha Adi Swathi;. Sri Govindaraja swamy Visited  Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Sannadhi,Ahobila Mutt,Tirupati This Utsavam is Being celebrated From Time Immemorial.The  Utsavam was celebrated in Grand Manner in Sri Ahobila Mutt,Sri Govindaraja Sannadhi Street Tirupati.There was Procession of Sri Govindarajaswamy through the Four Mada Streets of Govindaraja Swamy Temple,Tirupati.On the way back Sri Govindaraja Swamy Visits Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar to Celebrate Adi swathi Thirunakshtram.This is a Special Occasion as this is the only one day in an entire year that Sri Govindaraja Swamy Visits Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar.

The Alangaram for Govindaraja Swamy as well as his  Consorts were Beautifully Done.There were large number of Sishyas and local people gathered to celebrate the function and Take the Blessings of Dieties.Vedaparayanam was done by TTD Veda Pundits.Goshti was Performed at the function by the Sishyas of the Ahobila Mutt.Parivattam Malai  Maryadai was adorened to Mutt Secretary Sri T.K.Seshadri, The Temple Deputy E.O of TTD and The Aradhakar of Sri Ahobila Mutt,Tirupati.

HH Azhagiyasingar  Offered  Vastram to Sri Govindarajaswamy.Numerous Prasadams were offered to Sri Govindaraja Swamy. Later Theertham,Sri Satari was given to the Sishyas.The Ahobila Mutt President Sri Thuppal Srinivasan Iyyengar & Secretary Sri Tettu Komandur Seshadri Iyyengar were taken along  with Sri Govindaraja Swamy to the temple for Return Temple Honours ( Maryadai ) and performing the function in Grand Manner.This Time the Thomalai which was adorned by Sri Govindarajaswamy on the Occasion was sent as prasadam to HH Sri Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Mutt.

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Courtesy :  Tettu Komandur Sriram Seshadri

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