Thirumaliruncholai Sri Kallazhagar Aadi Brahmothsava Patrikai


Thirumaliruncholai Sri Kallazhagar Aadi Brahmothsava Patrikai2Aadi brahmothsavam is scheduled to take place at Thirumaliruncholai Sri Kallazhagar temple, Madurai between August 1 to 11, 2014. The Important events of the Brahmothsavam are August 2 – Dwajarohanam ,August 5 -Garuda Sevai,August 10- Thiruther ,August 11-Theerthavari .Astikas in and around the area may make it convenient to attend the utsavam.

The following is the related pathrigai and Schedule of the Brahmothsavam …Thirumaliruncholai Sri Kallazhagar Aadi Brahmothsava Patrikai1

Schedule of the  Brahmothsavam 

01.08.2014 -Adi 16- Friday- Angurarpanam 6.45pm to 7.15pm.
02.08.2014 -Adi 17- Saturday- Dwajarohanam(7.00am to 8.00am)
Hamsa vahanam( 7.00pm)
03.08.2014 -Adi 18 -Sunday- Simha vahanam (7.00pm)
04.08.2014 -Adi 19- Monday -Hanuman vahanam ( 7.00pm)
05.08.2014 -Adi 20-Tuesday- Garuda vahanam (7.00pm)
06.08.2014 -Adi 21- wednesday- Mohini alangaram ,Sesha vahanam
07.08.2014– Adi 22 -Thursday- Yanai vahanam
08.08.2014– Adi 23 -Friday -Puspha Chapparam
09.08.2014– Adi 24- Saturday- Kuthirai vahanam
10.08.2014– Adi 25- Sunday –Thiruther (6.00am),,Puspa pallaku (8.00pm)
11.08.2014 -Adi 26 -Monday- Theerthavari
12.08.2014 -Adi 27 -Tuesday -Utsava santhi

Courtesy by:Sri Srinivasan,Vinoth

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