Malaiyur Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Temple Mahasamprokshanam Anniversary


malaiyur kothandaramaswamy_00

On July 9, 2014, Jaya Varusha Aani Anushamm, Maha Samprokshanam Anniverysary Day was celebrated in a grand manner at Malaiyur Sri Kothandara Ramaswamy. Special Thirumanjanam and Aradhana were performed for Seetha Lakshmana Hanumath Samedha Sri Kothanda Kothandaramaswamy Moolavar. Many devotees from Malaiyur as well as other places attended this ritual and had the blessings of Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy.

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The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

malaiyur kothandaramaswamy_00 malaiyur kothandaramaswamy_01 malaiyur kothandaramaswamy_02 malaiyur kothandaramaswamy_03

Photography by Sri R. Sridharan

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