HH Srimad Parakala Jeeyar Shatabhisheka Souvenir Released


parakala jeeyar souvenir

As a part of the celebrations of the shatAbhisheka mahotsava of HH Srimad Abhinava Vagheesha Brahmantantra Swatantra Mahadeshikan, a souvenir (smaraNa sanchika) was released to commemorate the occasion. This sanchika, named as “Vagheesha PriyaH” has several rare informations and pictures of our Acharya since peeTHavarohanam including various divyadesha mangalAshAsanams, anushtAnams, thiruvArAdanams , chaturmAsya sankalpa-utthAna, purvAchArya tirunakshatra celebrations, mangalAshasAnams of other acharya purushas.

In addition to the above, the souvenir also has several articles by leading scholars in Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and English, on Swami’s jnAna, vairAgya and anushThAnams and also anubhavams by Sishyas with our Acharya.

This souvenir is now available online at http://www.parakalamatham.org/Vageesha_Priyah for the benefit of Sishyas and AbhimAnis of Sri Parakala Matham.

Bhagavathas interested in procuring hard copy of this souvenir are requested to contact any of the below members of the Publication Committee.

1. Achutharaman Rangachari – achutharaman@gmail.com
2. Balaji Rajasimha Cg – cgbalaji.rd@gmail.com
3. Sampathkumar Cg – sampathkumar81@gmail.com
4. Sudarsana Srinivasan – sudarsana.prasad@gmail.com

Information Courtesy: Sriman Sudarsana Srinivasan

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