Jaya Varusha Vaikasi Brahmtosavam At Sri Singaperumal Temple Concludes


Singaperumal Brahmotsavam5

The 10-day annual Brahmotsavam at Sri Singaperumal Temple, which commenced on June 2, 2014, was conducted grandly with several devotees participating in the utsavam. Sri Singaperumal gave darsan in various alankarams and vahanams. This includes Surya Prabha and Simha Vahanam on Day 2, Garuda Vahanam on Day 3, Nachiyar Thirukolam and Yali Vahanam on Day 5, Thiruther on Day 7, Theerthvari and Pushpa Pallakku on Day 9.

The following are some of the related photographs…
Singaperumal Brahmotsavam pushpa pallakku Singaperumal Brahmotsavam pushpa pallakku1 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam pushpa pallakku2Singaperumal Brahmotsavam theerthavari Singaperumal Brahmotsavam theerthavari1Singaperumal Brahmotsavam11 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam12 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam ther Singaperumal Brahmotsavam ther1 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam ther2Singaperumal Brahmotsavam8Singaperumal Brahmotsavam7Singaperumal Brahmotsavam mohini alankaram Singaperumal Brahmotsavam mohini alankaram1Singaperumal Brahmotsavam5Singaperumal Brahmotsavam6Singaperumal Brahmotsavam2 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam3Singaperumal Brahmotsavam4Singaperumal Brahmotsavam garuda vahanamSingaperumal Brahmotsavam Surya PrabhaSingaperumal Brahmotsavam simha vahanamSingaperumal Brahmotsavam1Singaperumal Brahmotsavam9 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam10 Singaperumal Brahmotsavam
Photography by Sri Narayanan Bhattar

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