Kanchi Sri Devaperumal Visits Dusi Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal Temple On Chitra Pournami


Dusi Chitra Pournami_03

On April 15, 2014; Jaya Varusha Chitra Chitrai, being Chitra Pournami, Kanchi Sri Perarulalan with Ubhaya Nachiyars visited Dusi Sri Santanvalli Nayika Sametha Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal temple. Perumal had mangalasasanam by Acharyas and Azhwars at this temple. Several devotees participated in the utsavam and received the blessings of Sri Devaperumal and Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal along with Thayars.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

Dusi Chitra Pournami_00 Dusi Chitra Pournami_01 Dusi Chitra Pournami_02 Dusi Chitra Pournami_03 Dusi Chitra Pournami_04 Dusi Chitra Pournami_05 Dusi Chitra Pournami_06 Dusi Chitra Pournami_07 Dusi Chitra Pournami_08

Photography by Sri Uppili Appan

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