Vaduvur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam: Day 4&5


Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam6

Sri Ramanavami Brahmotsavam commenced at Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple, Vaduvur, on April 8th, 2014. On Day 4 (April 11, 2014), Garuda Sevai took place. On Day 5 (April 12, 2014), Nachiyar Thirukolam (Pallakku) sevai took place in the morning and Hanumantha vahana purappadu in the evening.

“Vedathma Vihageswaraha” (Lord Garuda is Veda swaroopam). Veda mentions the Glory of Lord Garuda in the following stotra
Sukarnosi Garuthmaan……….. which says each part of Veda mentioned below describes Lord Garuda
“Trivith Saama” – is head of Garuda
“Gayathram Saama” – is eyes of Garuda
“Sthomam Saama” – is Aathma of Garuda
“Vaama Devyam” – is body of Garuda
“Brigathu and Rathantharam” – is wings of Garuda
“Yagna Yagniyam” – is tail of Garuda
All the chandhas of Veda are the part of Garuda’s body. Hence the description is apt to call Lord Garuda as “Vedathma Vihageswaraha”.

In Nachiyar Tirumozhi, Andal describes the beauty of the Lord as one who has added beauty to the word “enigmatic beauty”.As a proof to the pasuram, Lord Rama actually taken the form of Nachiar herself.

The excitement in Hanuman face, looks as if he has found something which he was searching for very long time. What it looks like is as if Hanuman is ready to take to the sky with Lord Rama on his shoulder to meet Sita Pirati, instead of constructing bridges and taking everyone to Lanka.

The Brahmotsavam will carry on until April 17, 2014. The 10-day utsavam is the most special one at this temple whereby Sita Piratti and Sri Ramar along with Lakshmanan will give darsanam in various vahanas and alankarams both in the mornings and evenings during the utsavam. This would be followed by Vidyatri Utsavam for a almost a month.

The following are some of the photographs taken on Day 4 and 5 of the utsavam…

Garuda Sevai

vaduvur garuda sevai vaduvur garuda sevai1 vaduvur garuda sevai2 vaduvur garuda sevai3 vaduvur garuda sevai4 vaduvur garuda sevai5 vaduvur garuda sevai6 vaduvur garuda sevai8 vaduvur garuda sevai9 vaduvur garuda sevai10 vaduvur garuda sevai11 vaduvur garuda sevai12 vaduvur garuda sevai13

Nachiyar Thirukolam

Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam1 Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam2 Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam3 Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam4 Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam5 Vaduvur Nachiyar Thirukolam6

Thirumanjanam and Hanumantha Vahanam

Vaduvur thirumanjanam Vaduvur thirumanjanam1 Vaduvur thirumanjanam2Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam1 Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam2 Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam3 Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam4 Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam5 Vaduvur hanumantha vahanam6
Photography by Sri Vaduvur Rajesh and Write-up by Sri Vaduvur Govindan

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