Perukkaranai Sri Swamy Thirunakshatra Utsavam at Mylapore Sri Desika Vidya Bhavanam

Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -1
Ninety First Thiru Nakshatram of Perukkaranai Madabhushi Maha Vidwan Sri U. Ve. Chakravarthiacharyar Swamy was celebrated on 2nd March 2014, Maasi Poorattaadhi; in grand manner at Sri Desika Vidya Bhavanam, Mylapore, Chennai. His sons made an elaborate arrangement for the function. This was preceded by Veda Parayanam for 3 days. This function was attended by numerous Vidwan’s, Sishyaas and Abhimaanis.
Swamy was a highly renowned scholar in Nyaya and Vedanta Sastras.  He learnt Vedanta Sastram from Sri Ahobila Matam 42nd Pontiff H.H. Sri Ranga Satagopa Yatindra Maha Desikan (Injimedu Srimad Azhagiyasinger). Perukkaranai Sri swamy received many prestigious titles and awards such as Desika Darsana Chudamani, Abhinava Sudarsana Bhattaarya, Sri Vaishnava Simham and Mahaamahopaadhyaaya.
Throughout his life time spanning about 89 years, he has performed Kalakshepams, Upanyasams and has written many scholarly works , such as an elaborate commentary on SriBhashyam. He is well known for performing research in difficult areas, understanding and elaborating for others to learn. His book on Thiruppavai stands as reference book for many vidwans. Swamy also was performing Thadhiyaradhanai kainkaryams at various Divya Desams. He was very generous in rewarding Veda Parayana swamigals
During the function, after Saatrumurai event,   Perumal, Azhwar, Acharyar sambavanai was performed. An audio DVD containing upanyasams by Perukkaranai swamy on Yathindra Matha Deepakai was released. After that, Neduntheru Sri Kannan Swamy, Kurichi Sri Narayanachar Swamy, Kavanur Sri Chakravarthiar Swamy, Thiruppulaani Sri Srinivasan Swamy performed Upanyasams recalling the greatness of  Perukkaranai Swamy along with some of the Nirdhaaranams from him. Prasadam Viniyogam was arranged during the function. Overall, it was a great moment to share the experiences of all sishyas
Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -6Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -7
 Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -2Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -3Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -4Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -5  Perukaranai Swami Thirunakshatram 2014 -1
Writeup and Photography : Sri Purisai Nadathur Krishnan (a) Srikanth


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