Sri Vaishnava Dinasari – Pasuram 9



Pasuram 9 : Yogam

Sri Vaishnava Dinasarai Pasuram 9


aRivilar thalaimisai yayanadi yezhuthiya

poRivagai yezhuvathOr poRin^ala mugavala

ruRuvadhu mudaiyadhu midhuvena varuvadhu

naRumalar magaLpadhi nalamuRu ninaivE.


After SvAdhyAyam, the Sri VaishNavan engages in the fifth and the last observance for the

day known as Yogam. He knows that Brahma dEvan writes on the skulls of the jeevan at

birth about what that jeevan with dEham will experience (bhOgams and sorrows) as a result

of his poorva karmAs. Unlike the one without VairAgyam, the mature Sri VaishNavan rejects

the perishable pleasures (alpa sukhams) and goes after the lasting pleasure of attachment to

the Lord’s sacred feet and thereby discredits the Brahma Lipi (the writings of Brahma dEvan

on his skull). These blessed Sri VaishNavaas have unceasing remembrance (dhruva smruthi)

of the Lord’s sacred feet and consider that experience as their joyous nourishment. They

engage in Yogam on the Lord’s subhAsrayam (the meditation on the Lord’s divine and

auspicious ThirumEni, which chases away the sins and is easy to think about). They

consider that as their ancient (pithru paithAmaham dhanam) treasure and rejects the rest of

the evanescent pleasures of the world.

 Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…



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