Sri Vaishnava Dinasari – Pasuram 2


Aravamudhan Panimutta Sevai Thiruadhyayana utsavam2013--0010

Pasurams 2 of Srivaishnava Dinasari are ABHIGAMANA PRAPATTHI :



manamurai kirisaikaL magizhmaRain^eRikodu

thanimuthaladiyiNaiyadipavar thamarE.



Abhigamana Prapatthi: The just awakened BhagavathAs have nirvEdam (repentance) over

the time wasted due to the power of the KarmAs and compose themselves first and then pray

to the Lord to bless them with the boon of uninterrupted Kaimkaryam to Him during the rest

of the day. They seek tranquility and seek refuge at His sacred feet with Manas, Vaak and

Kaayam (Mind, Speech and Body) in the Vedic manner to derive solace and joy.


The exact words used by Swami Desikan here are: “Mahizh maRai neRi kodu tani mudaladi

iNai adaibhavar TamarE”. The HaridAsAs are saluted as Thamars or Bhagavathars. Their

method of approach of the Lord is the Veda maargam that generates Joy. The tools that they

use to perform this Abhigamana prapatthi are their Mind, Vaak and Body.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…


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