Sri Baratha Meemamsai



There is a word called Meemamsa in Sanskrit which means Higher level Investigation/Research. Inquiry is done by known aspects the unknown aspects are derivated, this is the human nature and Vedas are also not exempted. In Taitriya Upanishad the Ananda (bliss) of  ParaBbrahman is inquired and that portion is called as Ananda Meemaasa.

The author mentions about the bliss status of Human with feeling joy with their house, money, property, children and designation. when a human possesses this joy of 100 % is equal to 1 % of Kandharvas. The  more percentage  bliss of Kandharvas is lesser to Devas. Finally the amount of bliss with Brahmanandam cannot be matched and its limitless.The author quotes a story with investigation of Bharatha Kalyana gunas from Kambar and Kalidhasan works of Srimad Ramayanam. The kambar praises Chakravarthy Thirumagan as ” Karpar Ramapiranai Allaar Karparo”, who knows all in this world. Taking Rama Qualities as Standard says about the qualities of Bharatha. The author  says the qualities of Bharatha are praised with Rama Qualities as like inquired in Ananda Meemamsai, from their comes the name of the article  Sri Bharatha Meemamsai.

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