Mumbai Sri Balaji Mandir Brahmotsavam Concludes


Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_2

The 10-day annual Brahmotsavam was celebrated in grand manner at Sri Balaji Mandir, Dombvili, Mumbai from January 17 to 26, 2014. Dwajarohanam took place on January 17, 2014. There was purappadu for Perumal on various vahanams during the utsavam. Several astikas took part in the first day of Brahmotsavam and had blessings of Sri Padmavathi Thayar and Sri Balaji Perumal. Among the significant events were Thiruther and Theerthavari in the morning and Pushpa Pallakku in the evening of January 25, 2014. For Day 1 photographs, please visit Mumbai Sri Balaji Mandir Brahmotsavam Commences. For utsava pathrigai, please visit Dombivilli Sri Balaji Mandir Brahmotsavam

Meanwhile, this year, Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Homam will be held on February 16, 2014.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-00 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-01 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-02 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-03 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-04 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-05 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-06 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-07 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-08 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-09 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-10 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-11 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-12 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-13 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-14 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-15 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-16 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-17 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-18 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-19 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-20 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-21 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-22 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-23 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai-24 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_1 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_2 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_3 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_4 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_5 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_6 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_7 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_8 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_9 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_11 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_12 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_13 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_14 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_15 Balaji Mandir_Mumbai_17

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