Kanchi Devaperumal Parvettai At Pazhyaseevaram (Video Updated)



On January 15th, 2014, the day following Pongal, Kanchi Sri Devaperumal made his customary visit to Sri Lakshminarasimhaswamy Temple at Pazhayaseevaram hillock  for Parvettai.

On arrival at Pazhayaseevam (about 15 km from Chingleput enroute Kaanchi), the day starts with “pourvai-kalayum-utsavam” followed by Thirumanjanam and in the evening at 4 PM, Lord Devathirajan, with the Manjai-veyyil, just starts descending the hills and proceeds towards Thiru-mukkudal – a “sangamam” of 3 rivers at Palar.

It is a beautiful setting atop the hills with one-side Prabhanda Ghoshti and the other side Vedha-Ghosthi which the perumal enjoys.

After Thiru-mukkudal, perumal returns and is being presented “savaari” thaligai. Thereafter, perumal is ready for the savaari throughout night, transfers himself on the “mena” – a special pallakku and goes through all the villages throughout the night starting Pazhayaseevam until Kaancheepuram and reaches Kaanchi todaymorning. (January 16th 2014)

Nirantharam Nirvishathas thwadeeyam
Ashprishta Chinthapadha Mabhirupyam |
Satyam Shape Vaarana-Shailanatha
Vaikunta-vaasepee Na-mebhilasha: || – Swamy Desikan in Varadaraja Panchashat

Some of the photos taken yesterday at Pazhyaseevaram can be viewed below

Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-002 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-006 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-007 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-008 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-009 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-010 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-011 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-012 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-015 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-017 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-019 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-020 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-022 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-023 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-026 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-027 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-028 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-029 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-030 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-031 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-032 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-033 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-036 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-038 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-040 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-042 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-046 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-050 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-053 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-054 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-055 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-057 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-058 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-060 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-063 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-064 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-065 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-067 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-068 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-069 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-073 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-077 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-081 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-083 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-084 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-089 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-090 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-092 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-096 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-098 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-099 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-100 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-102 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-104 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-105 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-107 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-109 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-110 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-111 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-112 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-113 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-114 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-115 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-119 Kanchi_Devaperumal_Pazhyaseevaram-124

Photography and Video by Sri Siddharth Sampath

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  1. Yesterday, I thought to go to Pazhayaseevaram…but for some reasongs..I was not able to. But today,morning 6..I went to my daughter’s house to take my wife back. On the way itself..I saw Perumal who is returning from Pazhayaseevaram. Urgently, I taken my wife back, and on the way itself, “I /we worshiped”..See Perumalin Karunaiyai..

  2. Thanks for the nice photos. Self with family were present yesterday for the occasion at Pazhaya seevaram and thirumukkudaland enjoyed. The pictures by you made to recollect the function and enjoy again. Thank you

  3. Swamin. Mumbaielee irundallum Kanchivaram Perumalai Sevithathu pazhayaseevaram poi vandathu pol irundathu.oovaru tharamum Perumalai sevikkum pozhdu, ennamum sevikka vendum ennre thoundrukirathu. Ungalathu sevaikku parattukkal.



  4. We had bhagyam to have darshan of Devaperumal, Lakhsmi narasimhar, Appan Thiruvenkadathan and Salavakkam Srinivasar yesterday. Thank you for sharing wonderful pics of the utsavam.

  5. thanks for wonderful coverage of our DEVADHIRAJAN’S ‘pazhayaseevaram paarivettai’ which i missed due to my out-of chennai, which otherwise i would never miss. Had a very close ‘glimpse’ of both LORDS and enjoyed. s muralidaran k k nagar chennai 78

  6. It is parama BhAgyam to have the darsana soubhAgyam of Lord VaradarAjan’s Pazhayaseevaram PaarivEttai annual utsavam. May the dhivya dampatis of Hastigiri bless you and your team for more and more Kaimkarya SrI in the months and years to come.
    NamO SrI Varadarajaya,
    Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan


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