Srirangam Namperumal Nachiyar Thirukolam Purappadu: Pagal Pathu Day 10


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On the eve of Vijaya Varusha Vaikunta Ekadasi (January 10, 2013; Margazhi Bharani), Namperumal gave darsanam in Nachiyar Thirukolam at Sri Ranganathawamy Divya Desam, Srirangam. The purappadu for Namperumal in beautiful Mohini alankaram took place in a grand manner in the evening alongwith Nammazhwar, Thirumangai Azhwar and Swami Ramanujar. Namperumal had purappadu in this alankaram in the morning as well. For related photographs, please visit Srirangam Namperumal Thiruadhyayana Utsavam Pagal Pathu Day 10

The following is the write-up about the Pagal Pathu Utsavam and the alankarams of Namperumal on various days…

On the first day of the Gregorian calendar, January 1, 2014, the Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival started with a bang in SriRangam. Vaikunta Ekadashi falls on 11.1.2014 this year but the festival starts 10 days prior to this. The 10 days before Vaikunta Ekadashi is called Pagal Pathu Utsavam. On the eve of Pagal-Pathu Araiyars offer Thirumangai Azhwar’s Thirunedunthandakam .This festival was started by Thirumangai Azhwar to celebrate Nammazhwar who is known as the One who made The Vedams in Tamil. This festival used to be called “Moksha Utsavam”.  The highlight of this festival is “Araiyar Seva”. Early morning Namperumal comes in purappadu to Arjuna mantapam in different alankarams and stands put enjoying the Divya Prabhandhams which are sung, danced and explained by the Araiyars. Arjuna Mantapam is located in the Dharma Varma Tiruchutru behind killi mandapam. It is believed that Arjuna constructed this mandapam. Inside there is a sannidhi for Cherakulavalli,  the daughter of Kulasekharazhwar who can be seen in Serthi with Nammperumal during SriRamanavami. There is a sannidhi for Tuluka Nachiyar – the muslim devotee who made NamPerumal her playmate in the Delhi durbar and followed Him to SriRangam and attained Sayujyam. It is at this mandapam that Namperumal comes in all finery to listen to the Araiyars during Pagal-pathu. All Azhwars assemble there as also SriRamanujacharya and the spot is transformed during the 10days of Pagal-Pathu. Devotees enjoy the purappadu wherein NamPerumal comes majestically in Simhagathi. The whole place reverberates with the sound of cymbals and the sonorous chanting of Divya Prabhandhams. Devotees sit around listening to the Araiyars and walk up several times to drink in the beauty of Namperumal and His exquisite jewels.

1st day of Pagal Pathu (January 1, 2014) Namperumal adorned the Sundara Pandian crown, SriRangaVimana Padhakam, Ratna Abhayahastham and tiger-nail chain. Periyazhwar’s Kaapittal, Pallandu and 212 Pasurams of Periazhwar were chanted, enacted and explained by Araiyars.

2nd day of Pagal-pathu (January 2, 2014) Namperumal was adorned with Raja souri kondai, Chandra/Surya prabha, diamond Abhayahastham, diamond pendant and serial chains. He wore a green silk vastram.

3rd day (January 3, 2014) of Pagal-pathu Namperumal had Raja souri with bhujakeerthi, Chandraharam, Makarakanti and held a golden parrot in His hand and wore yellow silk.

4th day (January 4, 2014) of Pagal pathu Namperumal  adorned diamond and emerald khanti, diamond pendant, diamond hastham and pearltilted crown and alligator shaped ear ornaments(makara kundalam) and red silk vastram.

5th day (January 5, 2014)  Namperumal was adorned with Saari Saaya kondai, Mahalakshmi pendant, bhujakeerthi half-moon prabhai and green silk dhothi.

6th day (January 6, 2014) Namperumal was adorned with Swethagiri crown gem-studded pendant, gem-studded abhayahastham, Mahalakshmi pendant, kasu malai, series of chains, makara kundalams and makarakanti and golden anklets and orange  silk garment.

7th day (January 7, 2014) Namperumal wore Andal kondai with pearls dangling at the side-forehead ornament suryan, chandran Makarakundalams, diamond pendant with emeralds hanging, series of chains diamond hastham and thick anklets and orange silk garment.

8th day (January 8, 2014) Namperumal is attired in traditional white silk with broad maroon zari border, high gold crown encrusted with gems, gem-studded ear ornaments, abhayahastham, beautiful pendants and chains.

9th day Namperumal stunned everyone with His dress made of pure pearls. Periya Perumal is in Muthangi for 20 days during Tiruadhyana utsavam. NamPerumal dons the Muthu angi on the 9th day of  Pagal pathu when Araiyar swamis enact muthu kuri. Abhaya hastham, padukas, and crown are all made of pearls and it is difficult to take our eyes from Him.

10th day is the day of days. Namperumal dresses up in Thayar’s clothes and dons all Her ornaments including Thirumangalyam. The white silk saree with blue zari border, the Thiruvadis adorned with thick golden anklets resting on jasmine rolls, chains reaching the feet, corals, and emeralds and diamonds vying with one another to adorn the Protector. Bangle filled arms, the right hand holding the lotus with a golden parrot perched on it. diamond ear-rings held by diamond maatal, head ornaments, Andal kondai decorated with pearls. The back (pin-Azhaghu ) is more beautiful than the front. A long braid hangs nonchalantly adorned with a gem studded rakodi and golden braid ornament, interspersed with beautiful flowers and cardamom (ellakai malai) strings filling the place with its perfume. Seated on a bolster the hip ornaments are prominently visible. Yes everything in the dress is perfect but the eyes betray the Truth as He is not able to capture the karuna kataksham of our ever merciful Ranga Nachiyar. Tomorrow is the big day Vaikunta ekadashi and the start of Iraapathu utsavam.

The past ten days we have been hearing of Kamsa vadham, Vamana avatharam, muthu kuri and Ravana vadham. Well this is what SriRangamvasis have been discussing and these are all references to the scenes enacted by the Araiyars.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier in the evening…

Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_00 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_02 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_04 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_05 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_06 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_07 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_08 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_09 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_11 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_12 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_14 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_16 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_17 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_19 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_24 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_25 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_27 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_29 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_32 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_36 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_39 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_42 Srirangam_Vaikunta Ekadasi_44

Write-up by Smt Vyjayanthi Sundararajan

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