Srivilliputtur Sri Andal Margazhi Ennai Kaappu Utsavam


Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_48

Vijaya varusha Margazhi Ennai Kappu Utsavam is presently taking place at Srivilliputtur Sri Andal Rangamannar Divya Desam. Ennai Kappu Utsavam is annually celebrated during the last eight days of the Margazhi month. During this utsavam, Andal is taken to the Ennai Kappu mandapam and thailam is applied by the Battars to Andal and the uapcharams is  performed by Archakars. The highlighted fact of this utsavam is the famous Souri kondai. There are four sessions in a day during Ennai kappu – first from moolastanam special alangarams is performed for example Azagarkolam, Krishanar kolam and Muthangi; then the second session is the Ennai kappu kollam with Andal in Souri Kondai; the third session is Thirumanajam; and the fourth session  is Vahana Seva (different vahanams on the 8 days).

The following are some of the photographs taken on Day 1 and 2 of the utsavam…

Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_01 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_02 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_03 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_04 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_05 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_06 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_07 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_08 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_10 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_11 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_12 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_14 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_16 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_17 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_18 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_19 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_21 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_24 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_26 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_27 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_29 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_30  Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_31 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_32 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_33 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_34 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_35 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_36

Day 2 Azhagar Thirukolam

Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_44Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_48Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_45Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_37Srivilliputtur Andal Rangamannar1 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_38 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_39 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_40 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_43 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_47 Srivilliputtur_Andal_Ennai Neeratam_49

Photography by Sri Navaneetha Krishnan

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