Marvam Enbathor Kovil


paramatma_15191 antaryami

Maarvam enbathor kovil tells about the significance of Antaryami Brahman. Author takes the title from theĀ  Periyazhwar Pasuram

SOrvinAl poruL vaittatu uNDAhil Sollu Sollu enru SuTTrum irundu

Ar vinAvilum vAi tiravAdE anta kAlam aDaivadan munnam |

mArvam enbadOr kOyil amaittu mAdavan ennum deivattai nATTi

Arvam enbadOr pooviDa vallArku aravadaNDattil uyyalumAmE

Emperuman Sriman Narayana has 5 Subasraya roopam, they are Param, Vyuham, Vibhavam,Archai and Antharyami. In this article Author tells about the importance of Antharyamithvam.

Marvam-1Dasavatharam[1] Marvam-204_antaryami Marvam-3krishna antaryami Marvam-4god1b Marvam-5swamy-nammalwar-1 Marvam-6

1501Gauranga with Krishna in heart

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  1. A remarkably simple but at the same time very effective exposition of Sri Vaishnava philosophy on the five-fold existence of Sriman Narayanan.Ordinary humans cannot have darshan of Him in any form other than the archavataram, where again the sanithyam of the presiding deity depends greatly on the devotion shown by the archakas as well as the worshipers who assemble in the temple. On the otherhand
    worshiping the Lord WHO resides for ever in one’s heart is if practiced properly not only practical but rewarding in that the Lord gives “Darshan ” here without fail.

    Sri. Andal in Tiruppavai stresses on this form of worship in two pasurams with uncanny brevity- namely, in pasuram 3 and 11…….”thooyomaivandu —-manathinaal sindhikka”
    and “kanaithilang katrrerumai——-manadirkiniyanai padavum nee vaaio thiravaai”

    A great contribution sir which has kindled me to think
    constructively on this aspect of our philosophy.


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