Nilayamayil Kaanum Nilamai


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Nilayamayil Kaanum Nilamai tells us how to see ‘transience’ in every situation. Everybody has to think of life’s instablity¬† at every moment. The author tells us to think often about what is transience and how to know it and what to be done after knowing. All the worldly things are perishable, the duration and time of destruction changes depending upon the substance. Everyone knows the instability in our lives, by the strength and wealth getting changed at different points of time; like our physical body changes from Saisavam, Balyam, Koumaram, Yauvanam and Varthakyam. The author quotes a sloka from Dhamaraja words during Yaksha Prasnam. We all have to do charity as if we are going to die at some point of time soon. The author narrates two stories and mentions the significance of charity and dharma.

Nilamai 1yaksha-prashna 1 Nilamai 2weaver grp Nilamai 3two devatas Nilamai 4hidden gold Nilamai 5giving-charity Nilamai 6Ravi_Varma-Lady_Giving_Alms_at_the_Temple

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