Kolam/ Rangoli Set – 3 – Margazhi Special



Today, December 16, 2013 marks the beginning of Margazhi month in this Vijaya Varusham. This month is very auspicious for Srivaishnavas. It is known for the recitation of Andal’s Thiruppavai, Venn pongal and Sakkarai Pongal prasadams and elaborate kolams! Placing a lit lamp in front of the house in the dawn and dusk during the Margazhi month is said to be auspicious. This post contains a collection of Kolams commonly used during Margazhi month.

We request our readers to send us your collection of Kolam/ Rangoli to be published in anudinam.  Kolams can be mailed to: srivaishnavanews@gmail.com

Previous Set can be accessed from the following link:

Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_08 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_09 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_10 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_11 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_12 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_13 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_14 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_15 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_16 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_17 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_18 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_19 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_20 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_21 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_22 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_23 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_24 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_25 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_26 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_27 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_28 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_29 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_30 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_31 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_32 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_00 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_01 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_02 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_03 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_04 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_05 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_06 Kolam_Rangoli_Margazhi_07

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan


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