Srimad Bhagavatha Sapthaham At Malleswaram Sri Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple: Part 2


Srimad Bhagavatha Sapthaham has been organised at Sri Venugopala krishna swamy temple, Malleswaram, Bangalore from December 3rd to 10th, 2013. Sri Sri Krishna Premi Anna Swami is delivering the discourse during the Sapthaham. During this time, various alankarams are being done for Perumal and Thayar. On Day 1 and Day 2, Bheeshma Saranagathi and Varaha Avatharam alankarams took place well. For related photographs, please visit Srimad Bhagavatha Sapthaham At Malleswaram Sri Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple

On the following four days, Prahalada Paripalanam; Trivikrama Avatharam and Rama Avatharam; Vennai Kannan; and Venugopala Krishnan alankarams took place well.

The following are some of the photographs taken during Days 3 to 6…

Day 3 Prahalada Paripalanam

Prahalada Paripalanam Malleswaram Prahalada Paripalanam Malleswaram1

Day 4 Trivikrama Avatharam and Rama Avatharam

Trivikrama Avatharam malleswaramRama Avatharam malleswaram

Day 5 Vennai Kannan

Vennai Kannan malleswaram2 Vennai Kannan malleswaram Vennai Kannan malleswaram1

Day 6 Venugopala Krishnan

Venugopalan malleswaram Venugopalan malleswaram1
Courtesy: Sri Sridutta Sampath

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