Paduka Sahasram Avathara Utsavam At Srirangam Ul Desikan Sannidhi Concludes


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Today, December 8, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigai Avittam, was the concluding day of Sri Paduka Sahasra Avathara Utsavam at Ul Desikan Sannidhi Srirangam. At 8.30 am, the chanting of Sri Padhuka sahasram began and two Paddhathis –  Nirvedha Paddhathi and Phala Paddhathi were recited. This was followed by Nama Sankirthan on Hayagrivan and Swami Desikan by women devotees. Perumal Sambavanai, Acharya sambavanai took place. Periya Satrumurai took place followed by Theertham, SriSathari and Prasada viniyogam (mysore pak, pulihore and kanchipuram iddli) While prasad viniyogam took place Ubha Ve Vaduvur Govindan Swami talked about Swami Desikan’s creations ranging from slokams consisting of five verses to SriPadhuka sahasram comprising more than 1000 verses. Children should start with small slokams so that they get a taste of Swami Desikan and move on to learning all the stotrams.

In the evening, there was purappadu for Swami Desikan from Dasavatharan Sannidhi at 4 pm. In the morning, there was Thirumanjanam at Swami Desikan Sannidhi at Dasavathara Sannidhi. The Purappadu took right from Dasavathara Sannidhi and accepted offerings of devotees on the way. Taking a left the procession crossed the commemorative arch and took right and proceeded towards Thayar Sannidhi. It took left on North Utthira Veedhi stopping to accept the offerings of devotees. After taking right on East Utthira Veedhi Swami Desikan was taken inside Sri Ahobila Muth located at 187 East Utthira Veedhi. Swami was taken in Pradakshinam to Perumal Sannidhi and given temple honours. Satrumurai was done followed by Theertham SriSathari and prasadam (rava ladoo). After this the procession left Sri Ahobila Muth and took right on South Utthira Veedhi stopping infront of Ranga Ranga gopuram to offer Anjali to Periya Perumal. The procession made an about turn and proceeded towards Chitra Veedhi. It took a right turn blessing  the vegetable vendors who offered pranamams and accepted the offerings of bhakthas and took a right turn on West Chitra street. All along the veedhis were sprinkled with water and kolams were made and offerings were made by people living on the street, the procession moved to North Chitra street crossing Andavan Asramam Desikan Sannidhi .The purappadu turned left towards Kollidam took a left turn from the arch erected during Mukkur Srimadh Azhagiasingar’s 104th Tirunakshatram. After taking a right turn at Dasavatharan Sannidhi Rpad, Swami Desikan entered Dasavatharan sannidhi.  He was taken in pradakshinam before entering  the main Sannidhi.  Satrumurai took place after which Theertham, Sri Sathari and Prasada viniyogam (kesari and dadhiyonam) took place. When the Purappadu took place Swami Desikan’s Tamil Prabhandhams were chanted by the devotees infront of Swami Desikan. Devotees following chanted Sri Hayagriva Stotram, Sri Dasavathara Stotram, Bhaghavadhyana Sopanam, Sri Gopala Vimshathi, Kamakasiashtakam, Sri Abheethisthavam, Godha sthuthi, Sri Sthuthi and Sri Sudarsanashtakam. With this the Padhuka sahasra avathara utsavam was completed appropriately thanks to the benedictions of Srimadh Azhagiasingar and the dedication of Desika bhakthas.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_011 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_004 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_065 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_000 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_001 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_002 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_064 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_062 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_060 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_014 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_017 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_018 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_019 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_036 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_032 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_031 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_030 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_026 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_025 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_024 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_023 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_021 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_015 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_013 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_012 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_056 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_053 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_055 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_047 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_042 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_041 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_038 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_040 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_069 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_071 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_070 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_121 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_120 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_116 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_129 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_112 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_125 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_123 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_128 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_109 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_108 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_105 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_104 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_102 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_100 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_099 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_095 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_094 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_093 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_092 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_091 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_090 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_089 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_088 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_085 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_Paduka_072

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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  1. The write up is the exact description of the event. Even the minute details have been included. Photos are also excellent as usual. Hats off and Congrats pl.

    S. Krishnan, Srirangam.


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