Vanabhojana Utsavam At Thiruvelukkai Divya Desam


Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_47

Today December 1, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigai Swathi, Vanabhojanotsavam is being celebrated grandly at Prahalada Azhwar Vanam at Sri Azhagiya Singaperumal Thirukovil, Thiruvelukkai. Being Swathi nakshatram, Thirumanjanam was performed for both Perumal and Periyazwar at the Vanam. Prasadam was distributed to the devotees. Later in the evening, Vishesha alankaaram will be done.  Several astikas participated in the utsavam and received the blessings of the Divya Dampathis.

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The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today morning…

Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_01 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_02 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_03 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_04 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_07 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_09 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_10 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_12 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_14 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_16 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_17 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_21 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_24 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_25 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_27 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_29 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_30 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_31 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_32 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_33 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_35 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_38 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_43 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_40 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_44 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_41 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_46 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_47 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_50 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_51 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_53 Thiruvelukkai Vanabhojanam_54

Video Courtesy: Sri Srinivasa Raghavan


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