Mannargudi Sri Rajagopala Swami Kolaatta Utsavam


Yesterday, November 3rd 2013, during the occasion of Aippasi Amavasai, Kolaatta Utsavam was celebrated grandly at Sri Rajagopala Swami temple in Mannargudi. Kolaattam is an ancient art dance form played with sticks. Its performed in temple halls as an offering to the Lord. Taking up the role of Ayarpaadi Gopikas, yesterday, a ground of children performed Kolaattam infront of Sri Rajagopala Swami. As always, Sri Rajagopala Swami mesmerized the gathered devotees with his incomparable beauty. Sri Krishna Premi Swami delivered an upanyasam during the occasion.

Some of the photos taken during the Kolaatta Utsavam cam be viewed below


Mannargudi_Kolattam_01  Mannargudi_Kolattam_03 Mannargudi_Kolattam_08Mannargudi_1 Mannargudi_Kolattam_07 Mannargudi_Kolattam_04 Mannargudi_Kolattam_05 Mannargudi_Kolattam_06 Mannargudi_Kolattam_09 Mannargudi_Kolattam_10 Mannargudi_Kolattam_12 Mannargudi_Kolattam_13 Mannargudi_Kolattam_14 Mannargudi_Kolattam_17Mannargudi_2
Courtesy: Sri Soundarrajan Battar

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