Swami Desikan Avatara Mahotsavam at Mylapore SVDD – Thirumanjanam and Pushpa Pallakku


SVDD_Swami Desikan_46

Yesterday, October 10th 2013, during day 7  of of Swami Desikan Varshika Mahotsawam, Sri Hayagreeva Aaradhanai went on very well and in a grand manner. Swami Desikan was looking stunning and amazingly so beautiful with his alankarams with kondai, olachuvadi in his thirukarangal, and tiruvadi sevai ready to receive the initiation from Sri Lakshmi hayagreeva Perumal. After which Thirumanjanam, recitations of Sri Hayagreeva Stotrams etc were followed. After Thirumanjanam, purappadu in Pusha Pallaku took place.

The 10-day utsavam will take place in a grand manner with purappadu for Swami Desikan in various vahanams till October 13, 2013. For detailed pathrigai, please visit Swami Desikan Avatara Mahotsavam at Mylapore SVDD

For previous day’s utsavam photographs, please visit

The following are some of the photographs taken yesterday..

SVDD_Swami Desikan_00 SVDD_Swami Desikan_04 SVDD_Swami Desikan_02 SVDD_Swami Desikan_01 SVDD_Swami Desikan_10 SVDD_Swami Desikan_11 SVDD_Swami Desikan_05 SVDD_Swami Desikan_17 SVDD_Swami Desikan_12 SVDD_Swami Desikan_15 SVDD_Swami Desikan_23 SVDD_Swami Desikan_26 SVDD_Swami Desikan_28 SVDD_Swami Desikan_46 SVDD_Swami Desikan_36 SVDD_Swami Desikan_34 SVDD_Swami Desikan_43 SVDD_Swami Desikan_39 SVDD_Swami Desikan_29 SVDD_Swami Desikan_41 SVDD_Swami Desikan_45 SVDD_Swami Desikan_33 SVDD_Swami Desikan_27 SVDD_Swami Desikan_37 SVDD_Swami Desikan_42 SVDD_Swami Desikan_32 SVDD_Swami Desikan_30 SVDD_Swami Desikan_44 SVDD_Swami Desikan_31Courtesy: Sri Siddharth Sampath

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