Thirukkudanthai Sri Ramaswamy Temple Navarathri Utsavam: Days 1&2


Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_06

Vijaya Varusha Navarathri Utsavam is being celebrated at Sri Ramaswamy Temple, Kumbakonam (Thirukkudanthai) in a grand manner since October 5, 2013. The alankarams this year will be based on Ayodhya Kandam. On the first day, the alankaram depicted Sri Ramar along with Seetha Piratti doing Thiruvaradhanam for their Kula Deiyvam Ranganathar. On Day 2, the alankaram depicted Ekantha Kaatchi for Sumanthirar. The alankarams are very special at this temple this year and devotees in and around the area may participate in the utsavam and receive the blessing of Sri Ramar and Sita Piratti.

For detailed utsava pathrigai, please visit Kumbakonam Sri Ramaswamy Temple Vijaya Varusha Navarathri Utsavam

The following are some of the photographs taken on Days 1 and 2…

Day 1 – Kula Deiyvam Ranganatharku Ramar, Seetha Piratti Sahithamaai Seiyum Thiruvaradhanam

Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_00 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_03 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_04 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_02 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_01

Day 2 –  Ekantha Kaatchi for Sumanthirar

Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_05 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_06 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_07 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_09 Ramaswamy Koil_Kumbakkonam_08 Courtesy: Sri Soundarrajan Battar and Sri Vijay Anand Aravamuthan

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