Thoopul Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam Commences


Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_66

Today October 4, 2013, Vijaya Varusha Purattasi 18am naal (Uthiram), Swami Desikan Purattasi Thiruvona Nakshatra Varashika Mahotsavam  commenced at Swami Vedanta Desikan avathara sthalam Thoopul, Sri Vilakkoli Perumal Sannidhi. In the morning at around 8.15 am, Purappadu for Swami Desikan took place in Thanga Pallaku. Several Bhaaghavathas took part in Purappadu and had the Blessings of Sarvatantra Svatantrar Swami Desikan.

The 10-day utsavam is usually celebrated in a grand manner with Thirveedhi purappadu for Swami Desikan on different vahanams on all the days, both morning and evening. All astikas and bhaktas may make it convenient to participate in the utsavam and receive the blessings of Swami Desikan at his Avathara Sthalam Thoopul Vilakkoli Perumal Sannidhi. Thoopul is located within 1 km distance from Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal Sannidhi. For detailed pathrigai for the utsavam, please visit :  745th Thirunakshathra Mahothsavam of Swami Desikan at Thoopul

Some of the photos take this morning during Swami Desikan purappadu from Thoopul and Sri Parakala Mutt. Its only at Hayagreeva Sannadhi at Sri Parakala Mutt in Thoopul, one could see KumAra VaradAchAryaar also known as Nayanaracharya, the illustrious son of Swami Desikan. Every year during Swami Desikan’s Thirunakshatra Utsavam, Mariyadhi is done to Sri Nayanaracharya at the beginning and end of the utsavam.

Swami Desikan Purappadu From Thoopul

Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_00 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_01 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_03 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_04 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_05 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_07 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_14Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_09 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_11 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_16 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_17

Swami Desikan Visits Sri Parakala Mutt

Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_18 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_19Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_20 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_24 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_21 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_22 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_23 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_25 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_27Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_28Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_29Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_34Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_35 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_40 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_46 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_48 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_50 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_52 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_54 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_55 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_56 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_57 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_62 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_63 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_64 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_66 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_67 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_68 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_69 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_70 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_72 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day1_73Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day0002 Swami Desikan_Thoopul_Day0003

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