Purattasi Brahmotsavam at Tirumala



Purattasi Brahmotsavam at Tirumala is one of the most important utsavams. Several hundreds of devotees from across the country and outside visit Tirumala for this utsavam. This year (Vijaya Varusham), Brahmotsavam is scheduled to commence on October 5, 2013 (Saturday) with Dwajarohanam. Ankurarpana and Senadhipati (Vishvaksenar) Utsavam will be celebrated on the day preceding the first day of Brahmotsavam (October 4, 2013). The 9-day utsavam will conclude on October 13, 2013. Some of the important utsavams are Garuda Sevai on October 9, 2013; Thanga Ther on October 10, 2013; Rathotsavam on October 12, 2013: and Chakrasnanam on October 13, 2013.

The following is the detailed schedule for the Brahmotsavam 2013 at Tirumala:

Day/Date MorningĀ  Evening
First:October 5, 2013 Dwajarohanam Pedda Sesha Vahanam
Second:October 6, 2013 Chinna Sesha Vahanam Hamsa Vahanam
Third:October 7, 2013 Simha Vahanam Mutyapu Pandiri Vahanam
Fourth:October 8, 2013 Kalpavriksha Vahanam Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam
Fifth:October 9, 2013 Mohini Avataram Garuda Seva
Sixth:October 10, 2013 Hanumantha Vahanam Swarna Ratham, Gajavahanam
Seventh:October 11, 2013 Suryaprabha Vahanam Chandraprabha Vahanam
Eighth:October 12, 2013 Rathotsavam Aswa Vahanam
Ninth: October 13, 2013 Pallaki Utsavam, Chakrasnanam Golden Tiruchi Utsavam, Dwajavarohanam

Tirumala_Kalpa VrikshaTirumala_day7_4 Tirumala_day8_11 Tirumala_9

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  1. The any festival at Tirumala is vibrant more importantly the Brahmotsavam.It is very nice to be there during that time and worship Lord SRINIVASA.


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