Recitation of Kanninun Siruthambu 12,000 Times at Mattapalli: Days 9 to 16


KS Japam Day 16_2

With the grace of Sri Mukkur LakshmiNarasimachar swamy’s (Sri Swamy) sankalpam, and with the blessings of Sri Mattapallinathan, Sri Yagna Murthy, Sri Nammazhwar and Sri Madurakavi Azhwar, Kanninun Sirutthaambu Japam was started on the 17th of August at Mattapalli Kshetram. This recitation is planned to take place every day until the 18th of September 2013. During this period, the recitation is planned to take place at Mattapalli, Kaakinada and in Chennai. Overall, 12,000 times recitation of Kanninun Sirutthaambu is planned, with each day recitation of 128 times in these places.

By the Grace of Sri Swamy’s sankalpa and the Blessings of Sri Mattapallinathan, Sri Yagna Murthy, Sri Nammazhwar and Sri Madurakavi Azhwar, Kanninun Sirutthaambu Japam is progressing well.

As part of this recitation, on Day 09 (26th August 2013), the second thousand part of the Japam commenced starting with Kalasa Prathishtai. Kalasa Prathishtai was performed by fetching water from Krishna river in 10 kalasams, taking them through the temple chanting pancha-sookthams, getting the Blessings of Sri Mattapallinathan in the cave, going around (pradakshinam) two times around the YagnaVatica mandapam and then placing them in the mandapam for the Japam. Aavaahanam was then performed for the 10 kalasams – nine kalasams for the nine padams of Nrusimha Manthram (Ugram, Veeram, Mahaavishnum, Jwalantham, Sarvathomukham, Nrusimham, Beeshanam, Badram and Mruthyumruthyum) – Tenth kalasam (Pradhana kalasam) for Mahaavishnum and Badram. The 128 aavarthis of Kanninun Sirutthaambu chanting was done as a part of the Akshramaala in Yagna Manthra Japam.

Sri Nammaazhwaar adorned the nayaki alankaaram and was happily listening to the chanting. At the end of the Japam Thiruvoimozhi 1-1-1 to 1-5-11 was chanted. In the evening, Sri Govindarajan Swami performed Kalyana Utsavam for Varadhan and Thaayaar at the Sannathi. There was only one Thampathy present for Sankalpam – Sri Dwarakanath thampathy – and that day happens to be the Sathabishekam for them – it was the wish of Sri Swamy that He chose them for the sankalpam and Kanyadhaanam. Their Sathaabishega Udhaga Saanthi took place in the form of (mini) Abbaratham on the previous day. There was also a tourist group visiting from Chennai that evening and so there was large gathering for the evening Saatrumurai.

On Day 10 (27th August 2013), like other days, the Japam started at about 9 am and was completed at about 1 pm. At the end of the Japam,  Thiruvoimozhi 1-6-1 to 1-10-11 was chanted. On Day 11 (28th August 2013), Thiruvoimozhi 2-1-1 to 2-5-11 was chanted. Janmaashtami was celebrated at the main temple in the evening with about 11 prasaadams including Navaneetham and Local equivalent of Sukku-Vellam.

On Day 12 (29th August 2013), Mukkur mami, Vaidehi and Padmini prepared Seedai, Murukku, Vellaseedai etc. With the help of Krishna and Srivatsan, they put Krishnan Paadam and also decorated the mandapam with Kolam for Sri Jayanthi. In the evening, there was உறியடி in the village, near the temple entrance (bus stand) organized by the temple. At the Sannathi, various Periaazhwaar paasurams and 2-6-1 to 2-10-11 of Thiruvoimozhi was recited.

On Day 13 (30th August 2013), at the end of the Japam, Thiruvoimozhi 3-1-1 to 3-5-11 was chanted while on Day 14 (31st August 2013) and 15 (1st  September 2013) Thiruvoimozhi 3-6-1 to 3-10-11 and Thiruvoimozhi 4-1-1 to 4-5-11 was chanted.

On Day 16 (2nd September 2013), the Japam started at about 8:15 am and was completed at about 12 noon. With this, the second intermediate milestone of 2048 aavarthis of Kanninun Sirutthaambu Paarayana Japam was reached.

After this, between 12:15 pm and 1:45 pm thirumanjanam for  Sri Yagnamurthy, Sri Sudarsanar, Sri Nammaazhwaar, Sri Thirumangai Mannan, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Desikan, Sri Adivan Satakopar and Sri Swamy  took place with the water from the 10 kalasams (for which Japam was taking place for the last 8 days) in addition to other usual thirumanjan diraviyams.

In the evening during Saatrumurai, Thiruvoimozhi 4-6-1 to 4-10-11 was chanted. A group of visitors from Chennai were also present this evening.

For earlier days’ coverage, please visit Recitation of Kanninun Siruthambu 12,000 Times at Mattapalli

The following are some of the photographs and video taken during Days 9 to 16….

Day 9 (26th August 2013)

KS Japam Day 9_1 KS Japam Day 9_2 KS Japam Day 9_3 KS Japam Day 9_4 KS Japam Day 9_5 KS Japam Day 9_6 KS Japam Day 9_7

Day 10 (27th August 2013)

KS Japam Day 10_1

Day 11 (28th August 2013)

KS Japam Day 11_1 KS Japam Day 11_2

Day 12 (29th August 2013)

KS Japam Day 12_1 KS Japam Day 12_2 KS Japam Day 12_3 KS Japam Day 12_4 KS Japam Day 12_5 KS Japam Day 12_6

Day 12 (30th August 2013)

KS Japam Day 13_1 KS Japam Day 13_2

Day 14 (31st August 2013)

KS Japam Day 14_1

Day 15 (1st September 2013)

KS Japam Day 15_1 KS Japam Day 15_2

Day 16 (2nd September 2013)

KS Japam Day 16_1 KS Japam Day 16_2 KS Japam Day 16_3 KS Japam Day 16_4 KS Japam Day 16_5 KS Japam Day 16_6 KS Japam Day 16_7 KS Japam Day 16_8 KS Japam Day 16_9 KS Japam Day 16_10 Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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