Jyeshtabhishekam for Sri Kallazhagar at Azhagarkoil

Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Thirumanjanam and Kuthirai Vahanam_2013_09

On August 17th, 2013, Vijaya vausha Avani 1, Jyeshtabhishekam for Kallazaghar at Azhagarkoil is scheduled to take place. Astikas in and around Madurai may make it convenient to attend the utsavam and get anugraham of Kallazhagar. A couple of photographs taken during last year’s utsavam as follows…

Azhagarkoil Jyeshtabhishekam Azhagarkoil Jyeshtabhishekam1

For the coverage of the recently concluded Brahmotsavam at this temple in Anudinam, please visit the following links:

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