Perunkarunai Selva Nambi Thirunakshartra Utsavam


Perukaranai Temple

Selva Nambi Thirunakshatra Utsavam is scheduled to take place at Perunkarunai temple on September 1 and 2, 2013. Asthikas in and around the area may make it convenient to attend the utsavam and get the anugraham of Thayar and Perumal.

Nearby is Thiruppullani divyadesam and Pavithrotsavam of Thiruppullani coincides this year.

Perunkarunai is the Avathara sthalam of Selva Nambi, the Vaishnavite acharya, who helped Sri Periyazhwar to establish Sri NarayanaParathathivam at Pandian sabhai and also the preceptor of the PandiyaKing Vallabha Deva. Selva Nambi recited the Bhagavatha Purana to the king Vikrama Pandiya and concluded that those who listen to this Purana will be saved from all evils and “That this dharma should be understood by everyone in the future”. Having listened to this recital, the king was blessed with a son Sri Vallabha (who was known as Vallabha deva). Delighted king built the Varadaraja Perumal temple in Perunkarunai. He also donated several villages for the maintenance and upkeep of the temple and the festivities at the temple. Moolavar Sri Sundara Varadharaja Perumal deity is a Varna Kala Moorthy. There is a separate Sannidhi for Sri Perundevi Thaayar and Sri Andal and Swami Selva Nambi is established in the Maha Mandapam of Perumal Sannidhi along with Senai Mudaliyar, Namazhwar, Kaliyan, Thirukottiyur Nambigal and Emperumanar. Sri Ramar along with Seetha Lakshmana and Hanuman is established as a Separate Temple. There is a Stamba Moorthy called Stambha Sudarshana opposite to Ramar Temple and was established during the period of Koora Narayana Jeeyar.

The following is the related pathrigai for the thirunakshatra utsavam…

Perunkarunai Selva Nambi Avathara Utsavam
Courtesy: Sri Vijayasarathy

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