Homam at Devarmalai Sri Kadhir Narasimha Perumal Temple


On June 24, 2013, the 2nd Anniversary of MahaSamprokshanam was celebrated at Devermalai Sri Kadhir Narasimha Perumal temple. The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam…

Photo Courtesy: Sri Kannan Jayaraman

About the temple:

Located 65kms West of Tiruchirapalli and 35kms South East of Karur is the 550year old Sri Kadhir Narasimha Perumal temple at Devar Malai, a temple whose story dates back to Hiranya Samhara and who construction in its present form to the Nayak period.

Devarmalai is located about 5 Kms away from a place called “Paalayam”. Paalayam is found about 30 Kms away from Karur (in between Karur – Dindugal route). Buses, taxis run from Paalayam to Devarmalai. To reach the temple, bhaktas have to travel from Karur, via Gujiliyampaarai and then to Paalayam. And from here, the temple is about 5 Kms away. From Paalayam, if we travel about 3 Kms on the east direction, we will come to a place called “Kuruni Kulathuppatti” and from here if we travel about 2 Kms, we can reach Devarmalai temple. From Paalayam, buses that run towards Trichy, Manappaarai will travel via Devarmalai.

Earlier in May 2013, Brahmotsavam took place at this temple. The coverage could be viewed at http://anudinam.org/2013/05/14/devarmalai-sri-kathir-narasinga-perumal-kovil-brahmotsavam-commences/

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