Thiruvahindirapuram Swami Desikan Vasanthotsavam Commences


Vijaya Varusha Swami Desikan Vasanthotsavam begins today (13th June 2013) at Thiruvahindirapuram. The utsavam would be conducted in a grand manner for 10 days ending on aani month kettai star. Mada veethi Purappadu would be conducted for the first 6 days and the on last 4 days Periya veethi Purappadu for Swami Desikan.

On Vasanthotsavam Satthumurai day – aani kettai (22 June, Saturday) Periya veethi purappadu will be performed at morning around 8’o clock, in Vimanam. Thereafter Swami Desikan will ascend the Aushadadri hill where Sri Hayagrivan Sannidhi is situated. There Swami Desikan and Sri Hayagrivan will have Ekasana Thirumanjanam (i.e Both will be placed on the same Thirumanjana Veethi) at around 11’o clock and then ekasana Aasthanam. During aasthanam, hayagriva sthothram and Sri Desikan Mangalam goshti will take place. Thereafter prasada viniyogam at 12’o clock. The satthumurai day happens to fall on a weekend this year. All are invited for this divine and unique occasion.(Chennai – Thiruvahindrapuram Duration – 3hrs by car or 5 hrs by bus)

Boarding facilities are available at Srimad Andavan ashramam. Availability of rooms may be checked with the Manager Mr. Chakrapani – Ph: 94874 87050

Some of the photos taken during last year can be viewed below

 Thanks to: Sri Srivallabhan

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