Sandhyavandanam….Why? Part-1



This is a series of articles written by Sri U Ve. Uruppattur D Soundararajan Swamy

This is a “series” to inculcate the habit of performing “Sandhya-Vandanam”” among the brahmin youths,after their Upanayanam function.This is also intended to revie the practice of performing Sandhya_vandanam by the grahasthas/office-goers/business people/cooks who are cooking,supplyingg serving the food during functions and their assistants/poor Brahmins who are eking their lively-hood by getting sambhavana after reciting Udhaka santhi etc

Vedas smrities,sastras etc are our unbreakable part of faith & this Kaliyuga is best among 4 yougas to meditate & reach Bhagavan easily & quickly.These sastras command us to life time but also to reach the lotus feet of Sriman Narayanan.This “nitya Karma”should be performed even during “Achoucham”(Theettu) period & even in case of chronic ill-health or in travel.

Once the true meaning & purpose & also benefits that will be accrued when Sandhya-vandana is performed regularly are known and clearly understood. Adiyen trusts all brahmins, hitherto failing in their duty will definetly begin to perform this every day without fail  

What is Sandhya vandanam?….

Everybody knows that vandanam means more or less worship but sandhya means—what? to say in a word sandhya means meeting .

What is this meeting?

 A meeting with SUN ie a meeting with SOorya narayana! a worship offered to soorya narayana thus sandhya vandana means a worship offered to soorya

As per Sastras Three times a day one should do Sandya vandana

1.Day-During sun rise
2.Midday- shortening of shadows of morning sun & lengthening the same of evening sun,Sun reaches its glory enveloping the entire world.with powerful rays & brighter- This is 2nd sandhya kalam
3. Sun set tim-sun slowly sinking down, Twlight time-3rd sandhya kalam

These 3 times of sun movement are soul stirring.The time is important & worshipping at this time is even more improtant.Though one may not be able to keep up the same time to perform sandhya vandanam everyday, it should always be tried.This is a spiritual exercise depending on time,place, surroundings.

It consists of 2 main parts –  1st part is with water (Jalam-Jala bhagam) & second part is on ground ( nila bhagam); other partss are preliminaries to lead and to finish.
Jala Bhagam-giving arghyam( throwing water up in the sky with both the hands) while reciting the mantras
Nila Bhagam- Gayathri Manthra Jabam

Achamanam means “Sipping” of water.Lets see what happens before commencing to perfom a “karma” an achamanam should be perfomed which also consists of 2 parts

1.Sipping of water from right palm thrice ,with mantra for each time one sips.Slowly sipping gives energy.The 3 mantras operate as a medicine to cure disease( siping should be practised through brahaspathi the water should not be sucked from the palm)

2.Then wiping the water with fingers( 2cheeks,2eyes,2 mostril,2 ears,2 shoulders,then navel & then crest of the head duly reciting the 12 namaas of Bhagavan.FIngers here are important as these 10 fingers are touching the groups of nerves the separate naamas of Bhagavan which give purification,clear mind & fresh energy when so touched.So also the latter 2 naamaas ( Padmanabha & Damodara) when all fingers together touch the navel & crest of the head this performance gives benefit to various nervous system & through it to the body & mind.Proper examination of anatomy of nerves prove that when that portion is touched by a particular finger with COLD WATER reciting Bhagavan Naama,it gives fresh energy..

To be contd…!

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