Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Garuda Sevai (Video Updated)


As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Thirukkoil, Kanchipuram, the famous Garuda Sevai is taking place today (May 24th 2013; Friday).

It gives me immence pleasure to scrible about the most famous/attractive vahana purappadu of Brahmotsavam, yes the Garuda Sevai. This started very early in the morning.

Garudan is addition to performing his kaimkaryam as Emperuman’s vehicle is also known as veda swaroopam. Swami Desikan had prayed to Garudan in Aushada giri in Thiruvendhipuram, who gave the Swami the moola mantharam and the deity of Lakshmi Hayagrivar.

Before our Varadar flies out from the kovil to bless us, at the main gopuram, our Lord is coverd for a short while with two kodais. This is known as Doddayacharya sevai. To understand and enjoy this, we need to go back in time.

Some 450 years back, one devotee by name Doddayacharya lived in the temple town of Sholingar and was engaged in kaimkaryam to Lord Narashima. He was very attached to Varadar of Kanchipuram. He never used to miss the Garuda sevai of Devathirajan during Brahmotsavam. One year due to advanced age was not able to make the trip to Kanchipuram. He was disturbed and on the day of Garuda sevai while having his bath in Thakkan kulam (local pond), early morning, he expressed his inability of not being perumal kovil and felt dejected.

At that time in Kanchipuram, our Perumal was about to leave the kovil. On not seeing his devotee amongst those assembled, our lord expressed his desire to leave Kanchipuram to give his dharshanam in Sholingar. Upon receiving this divine message, priest shielded our lord with the kodais. At this very moment, the acharyan in sholingar had the vision of Varadar in Garuda sevai in all its glory.

To commemorate this event, even today, our lord is hidden from public view for a short time. Later a temple was built on the banks of thakkan kulam.

During the purappadu, prabhanda ghosti recited moonraam thiruvanthaathi.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the Garuda Sevai earlier today….

For previous year’s coverage, please visit http://anudinam.org/2012/06/02/garuda-sevai-at-kanchi-varadarajar-kovil/

Write-up Courtesy: Sri Kausik Sarathy; Photo Courtesy: Sri Kesavabashyam; Video Courtesy: Sri Kesavabashyam and SARAN

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  1. Its a good work and will be very useful to those
    who missed the opportunity to go to Kanchipuram
    Karudasevai. Thanks a lot.Keep it up.

  2. To
    The Organiser,
    Anudinam Srivaishnava News Portal,
    It is an excellent service you are doing for the Sri Vaishnava community living in various parts of this world.Your photos bring the Shetra Perumal to the computer screen and this gives lot of satisfaction for every srivaishnava. I pray all the Divya desa perumal and Thayaar to give “sahala sowbhakyams” to the organisers and the contributors who provides the message and photos.
    Adiyen Desikamani Gopalan

  3. To,
    I am a devotee of Lord Narasimha & regularly visit sholingur to have darshan of lord, In short period of time i read about guru doddacharya & i haven’t seen the Kanchipuram Brahmautsavam, After seen the snaps of Lord Vardaraja Perumal there is no words to describe his smile face, Thank you so much for attached snaps, God bless all of your team & us.


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