Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Day 1 Dwajarohanam and Thanga Chapparam


As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Thirukkoil, Kanchipuram, Day 1 was celebrated on May 22rd 2013 (Wednesday). Dwajarohanam and purappadu of Sri Devaperumal took place on Thanga Chapparam.

On Day 1 early in the morning, Perarulalan left his asthanam with Ubaya Nachiyars and reached the vahana mandapam.

Perarulalan got on in the Thanga Charpam (Golden canopy) which was richly decorated, the lotus bud malai was icing on the cake.

On the previous day, one Bhatter was nominated to officiate the Brahmotsavam and as a sign got Rakshaa Bhadhanam, the person is chosen by rotation (morai). This nominated person got the mariathai (Sri sadari and mali) from Perarulalal and proceeded towards the Dwajesthambham and hoisted the Garudan flag. The hoisting of the flag (Dwaja aarohanam) markes the official beginning of the Brahmotsavam.

Devathirajan and Ubaya Nachiyars are under a Charpam (Canopy), which is richly decorated. This is the first purappadu for our Devathirajan during this year’s Brahmotsavam.

The kridam worn by Devathirajan and ubaya nachiyars is called Venkadathri kondai. This is the kridam worn on first day of all utsavam. Interesting information about the alankaram. There was a devotee by the name Venkathadri who wanted to present a kridam for to Devathirajan. He had no means to do that and the only way was to set aside a portion of his earning everyday till he had accumulated enough money. He was so involved in his kaimkaryam that if for some reason his daily wage was not enough money, he would forgo his food and keep the money for the kaimkaryam. Thus he got the kridam done and presented to Devathirajan on a Panguni uthram day. Devathirajan from that day onwards has made it a point to wear this alankaram on the first day of utsavams.

The following are some of the photographs taken on Day 1 morning…

01Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 02Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 03Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 04Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 08Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 11Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 12Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 17Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 18Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 19Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 20Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 21Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 25Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 26Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 29Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 30Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 32Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 33Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 34Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 35Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 36Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 37Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 38Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013 39Kanchi Brahmotsavam_Day1_2013





Write-up Courtesy: Sri Kausik Sarathy; Photo Courtesy: Sri Kesavabashyam; Video Courtesy: Sudha Valli

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