HH 45th Azhagiyasingar Attains Acharyan Thiruvadi – Live updates


HH 45th srimad azhagiyasingar thiruvadi

His Holiness, the 45th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Muth, Srimathe Sri Lakshminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Satagopa Sri Narayana Yathindra Maha Desikan, ascended to Paramapadham at 12:05 AM Indian Time, Sunday May 19th 2013 at Srirangam.

The loss of our Acharyan, who lived the life of a true ascetic and who practiced what He Preached, and one of the senior most Vaishnavaite Acharyans of all the living Acharyas, is irreparable.

Updated video

Above Video source: Sri Srirangam viji
Live Updates:  More updated news, photos and videos to be uploaded later in the evening

15:30-15:45 – Charama kainkaryam of Srimath Azhagiyasingar has been done and all the gathered sishyas left the Brindavanam with heavy heart and tears.

15:00 – Srimath Azhagiyasingar arrives to his Brindavanam located just nearby 44th Azhagiyasingars. Final rituals in progress…and closing of Brindavanam

14:15 – Divya Desa maalai mariyathai and chanting of Pancha-Suktams and Taittireeyam

13:00-14:00 – Thirumanjanam and Alankaram- 24 Veda vidwans and Kaimkaryaparas are honoured with Vastram and Kalasams and  they brought Thiru-Kaveri theertam in 24 kalasams.

Elaborate  Thirumanjanam and Aradhana was done to the Thiru-meni of HH

12:00 Brama ratham Alankaram and valam, taken around the streets of Srirangam – Photos Updated

11:50 Brama ratham and PuNyAhAvachanam

11:45: Sankalpam is being continued in the presence of HH Srimad 46th Azhagiyasingar and HH Rayapuram Sri Raghuveera Maha Desikan from Poundarikapuram Swami Asramam – Photos Updated

11:32 AM: Sankalpam has started., thousands of vidwans, sishyas and asthikaas has gathered at dasavathatra sannidhi and many of them are on their way. All the streets in Srirangam leads to dasavathara sannidhi today and thousands of them throng to dasavathatra sannidhi – Sankalpam Photos updated below. Sthala SuDhDhi, Spreading at least some 50 pounds of Rice on a Saffron Cloth, super-imposed by another 100 pounds of Paddy on another saffron Cloth

11:15: Azhagiyasingar’s poorvaasramam eldest Kumarar doing all the kaaryams, along with his brother, as per the instructions of vidwans

11:00 AM: Charama kainkaryam has started and some of the updated photos can be viewed below

9:00 AM: Arrangements (Panthal) have been made just outside the Dasavathara sannidhi, for Asthikaas to have darshan of Srimath Azhagiyasingars thirumeni. The rituals are expected to begin around 10 AM until evening.

7:30 AM: It might take around evening for the Charama kainkaryam, around 5 PM

3:30 AM : Thousands of Aastikas have already gathered nearby Dasavathara Sannidhi to have a glimpse of the great Acharayan

2:45  AM: Charama kainkaryam could be around morning/afternoon on Sunday, beside the Brindavanam of the 44th jeeyar. Starting time around 10 AM

2:30AM: Charama kainkaryam to be held at Dasavathara Sannidhi, Srirangam.

Latest Photos:

AS_Sankalpam_6 AS_Sankalpam_7 AS_Sankalpam_8

AS_Sankalpam_3 AS_Sankalpam_4 AS_Sankalpam_5









HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Ahobilamutt_Charama Kainkaryam_10 HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Ahobilamutt_Charama Kainkaryam_9 HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Ahobilamutt_Charama Kainkaryam_11 HH Srimath Azhagiyasingar_Ahobilamutt_Charama Kainkaryam_12

 Sishyas are requested to recite his Thanniyan:

“Sriranga satAri samyAmivarat labhdAga MAndatvayam Srimad veeraragoothvahAtya sadajit pAdhara vindashrayam Srimad vedavadamsa desikayathe karunya veekshAspatham Seve ranga thurina saasanavasam narayanam yoginum” Srimathe Srilakshminrusimha divyapaduka sevaka srivan satakopa narayana yathindra mahadesikaya namaha!!


Sishyas are advised to take bath and recite Koil Tiruvoimozhi once. (No repetition of Pasurams which we usually recite twice)

Acharya Vaibhavam (45th Jeeyar)

Achtakshara, the 8-syllable mantra is very very important, especially to Sreevaishnava’s, for, it symbolises the effective bestower of everything one aspires for, including Sriman Narayana Himself and at whose feet, seekers of the Divine, would like to serve eternally in His abode. Hence the number “eight” is quite significant ant it is a remarkable coincidence that the 45th Jeeyar, Srivan Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikan, should be the Eighth Pontiff in the hierarchy of Sri Ahobila Mutt, to bear the asrama name “Narayana”, the very subject and object of Ashtakshara! Ashtakshara itself literally means Sacred Eight letters. The earlier seven Azhagiyasingars (with the name Narayana), to adorn the Mutt were 2, 9, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 31st Jeeyars.

Having said this, let us link this personage with another incident that indirectly portended his ascension to this glorious spiritual throne. The greatest achievement of the 42nd Jeeyar was to produce a galaxy of scholars specialising in Sreebhashyam, many of whom are alive today, to our good fortune, so as to guide us to seek the path of the ultimate goal. AR the Sixtyfour of them had the good luck to learn and master the knowledge at his feet and a few to mention, are Villivalam Narayanacharya (elder brother of the 45th Jeeyar in his poorvasrama), Villivalam Krishnamacharya (45th Jeeyar), Thirukkallam Narasimharaghavacharya, Purisai Krishnamacharya (grandson of 42nd Jeeyar and the editor of Sri Nrisimha Priya), Sri S. Varadhachariar (former Federal Court Judge), Injimedu Rajagopalachariar (senior-most Aradhaka of Ahobila Mutt), Melpakkam Narasimhacharya (an authority today in Dharma Sastras), Pnamukai Narasimhacharya (present Srikaryam), among other eminent ones.

Now, Villivalam Krishnamacharya (45th Jeeyar in his Poorvasrama) had also the added advantage of serving the 42nd Jeeyar personally that helped him to move closely and learn all that one could desire to imbibe. It was not that easy for anyone to serve him, because 42nd Jeeyar with his profound knowledge and seasoned saintlihood was also sternly simple and austerely sober. So, one had to be always on guard with abundant care and attention, for one will not know what error one may commit inadvertently while serving him. The Jeeyar was, no doubt a great humanist and habitually sweet-tempered; yet his one look was enough to cause trepidation. To such a holy one, Villivalam Swamy had endeared himself and, therefore, in the middle of the night one day,’ when he was about to draw water from a deep well to be given to the Jeeyar who had just then returned from the backyard, the Jeeyar gently restrained him for a moment and asked him what time it was. When he was told it was 12.30 p.m. he said, past midnight one should draw water from a well only after uttering a certain Vedic hymn to ward off the evil spirits lingering there. Since Villivalam Swamy was not even aware of such a thing, the Azhagiyasingar himself, chanting the sloka, lowered the pitcher into the deep well and then allowed Krishnamacharya to lift up the filled-in pitcher. Then and there he taught him the mantra, since both of them, having not slept in and not touched the bed were pure enough to utter the Vedic sloka at that time. Significantly, the Jeeyar added. “Learn such directives, for, they will be useful to you now and in the future”.

This not only prompted Villivalam Krishnamacharya to write an authoritative text on AHNIKA GRANTHA entitled, “SRI VAISHNAVA SADHACHARA NIRNAYA” wherein all the duties of a religious- minded man, from dawn to night, have been compiled as “AHNIKAM” and made available to posterity; but also made the prediction of the 42nd Jeeyar true in respect of the 45th Jeeyar indirectly, as this Azhagiyasingar is fully making use of them and is strictly adhering to the directives, unmindful of the inconveniences and obstacles.

Born on December 12, 1926 at Villivalam in North Arcot district, Sri Krishnamacharyar was a student of the Madras University, passing Nyaya Siromani in 1949 and received the first prize for general proficiency. His elder brother, Vedanta Vaavadhooka Narayanachariar Swamy gave him the requisite basic foundation, after which Krishnamacharya learnt Nyaya and Meemamsa Sastras at the feet of 42nd and 43rd Azhagiyasingars. He had served as Tamil Pandit in the Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, Chingleput for four years from 1956 and subsequently as “Nyaya” Professor in the Sri Ahobila Mutt Sanskrit College, Madhurantakam till 1965. He was appointed “Asthana Vidwan” of the Mutt by the 44th Jeeyar in 1966 and he had been Joint Editor of Sri Nrisimha Priya (Tamil) since 1982.

45th Pattam Azhagiyasingar

Settling down at Madras, Krishnamacharya had been giving discourses in Sreebhasya, Rahasyatrayasara, Ramayana, Bhagavatham, Thiruppavai and Geetha at various places of the country for the past 30 years. He had also been conducting daily discourses in Madras for the benefit of his friends and disciples in the traditional way on the various Granthas of Sree Vaishnava philosophy. His contribution as a member on the board of Ahobila Mutt Sanskrit Vidya Abhivardhinee Sabha, a registered body that manages the Mutt’s Oriental High Schools at West Mambalam and Madhuranthakam as also the Sanskrit College at Madhuranthakam, is quite large. He has written commentaries on a number of ancient works. Krishnamacharya’s articles regularly published in Sri Nrisimha Priya (Tamil) that included Vishnu Purana serial and Upansishaths were avidly read.

The 44th Jeeyar suddenly took ill in October 1991 and without hesitation he called upon Krishnamacharya to take up the reins of the Mutt. The annointation ceremony took place on October 21, 1991 amidst traditional rituals, that prepared Krishnamacharya for renunciation and then ascension as the 45th Peetadhipathi of Ahobila Mutt, when he took the asrama name, “Srivan Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikan”. It will be significant to note here that Krishnamacharya had his Panchasamskaram from the 42nd Jeeyar, Bharasamarpanam (Saranagathi) under 43rd Jeeyar and Presha Mantropadesa from the 44th Jeeyar at Sri Ahobila Kshetra.

The 45th Jeeyar recalls his close association with the three preceding pontiffs – the present Mukkoor Jeeyar, the Devanarvilagam Jeeyar and lnjimedu Jeeyar and said that but for their meticulous training and guidance, he would not have been elevated to this high position. Recapitulating nostalgically, the guidance he had specially received at the feet of his (poorvasrama) elder brother Sri Villivalam Narayanachariar, the Azhagiyasingar added, with his characteristic humility, that his clear duty was only to live up to their training, guidance, ideals and thus carry on the torch of their glorious traditions.

There has been an unbroken succession of great Acharyas in Ahobila Mutt, who have realised the “TRUTH” and are always intent on the good of their following, and through them, the good of the world at large. The scriptures stress that the guidance of “Acharya” is a “Must” for enlightenment and self- realisation for he alone can lead us from darkness to light. It is this torch of illumination that I am called upon to carry for the benefit of sishyas and aspirants, said His Holiness.

Source: Sri Nrusimha Priya

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  1. Its a great loss to one and all. Everyone please recite HHs thanniyan and readers please share your memorable experiences,conversations with HH 45th Azhagiyasingar at various instances…

    • I was born in backward Ezhava caste in Kerala. 45th Jeeyar gave me Panchsamskara. Last month my translation of Srivaishanavite text Srivachanabhushanam was published by one-and-half lakh circualated Muhurtham Malayalam monthly. My pranamas to Him

  2. People who got their samasanam done, must take head bath after hearing the demise of our Acharyan , thus observing his expiry. is anyone aware of this?

  3. Extremely shocked to hear the news. On 1st May 2013 we our family had dharshan of the jeer to have blessings for my daughter’s marriage and to submit the invitation.My grand daughter was physically blessed by Jeer and gave mango fruit to my grand daughter which she is very happy to get such bessings from him. Adiyen kandhadai varadarajan.

  4. Two years ago, when both acharyas were present at Melkote on the vaibhavam of Adivan Satakopan Thirunakshatram, I had the great bagyam of receiving Kesari as prasadam but could not swallow it since I underwent a major surgery for tongue cancer; I was on liquid diet for more than 9 months and could not speak; while other sishyas were taking bhagavad prasadam, I just stayed back holding the divya prasadam in my hands.

    Both Jeers asked why I did not eat prasadam and my colleague, Sri Nambi Srinivasa Raghavan, CA, who accompanied me from Chennai explained my situation to both Jeers. 45th Jeer said this is Adivan Satakopan Brindavanam and today his Thirunakshatram; Kesari also denotes Simham and this kesari is prasadam from NaraKesari; just recite Narasimha, Narasimha, Narasimha 3 times and first take this kesari and swallow it; everything will be all right; as ordained by 45th jeer, I took a small quantity of Kesari, swallowed it and from that day onwards, even today if I am able to eat curd rice twice daily means, it is due to absolute acharyan’s anugraham. Both 45 Jeer and NaraKesari blessed me with Kesari.

    Dasan, Adiyen
    K.S. Narayanan

  5. Sad loss for all, especially our community.He will be missed.Have met him and taken his blessings a number of times, but unfortunately last few years have not had this opportunity. Will not forget the time when my family and myself received his blessings at Somani School in Mumbai.

  6. Extremely shocked hearing this news. Huge loss of all Vaishnava Community. Have met him and taken his blessings number of times. Adiyen Seshadri Chennai.

  7. A very sad day! Feeling terrible at the loss of adiyen’s acharya. I was blessed to meet him during December 2012 during Dhanur masam at Mylapore. Every year while planning summer vacation, first look for his sancharam but now he has gone to Perumal’s abode!

  8. There is no word to describe the loss to His Shisyas.
    Acharyan is a multifaceted perosonaility and every one in different faith also liked him. His contribution in the last 20 + years is Amazing and it is difficult to find one in near future.
    Dasan Devanathan

  9. His Holiness contribution to sampradaya in last 20 years is amazing with a zeal.His knowledge in both vedas are amazing quoting parallel references. Very difficult to find a personality like him in near future.Adiyern Vanamamalai Dr.T.D. Muralidharan from Mumbai

  10. A sudden emptiness has been created. His values and life shall be an example for ages!!!

    May he live in our hearts and prayers always
    Sri Lakshminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Sathakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikaya Namah!!

  11. ஆசார்ய அனுக்ரத்தை சொல்லி மாளாது. என் பெண் மேல்படிப்பு படிக்க அமரிக்கா செல்வதற்கு அனுக்ரஹம் வேண்டி நின்றோம், ஏன் கல்யாணம் பண்ணவில்லையா என்று நமது அழகியசிங்கர் கேட்டதற்கு, இரண்டு வருடம் படித்துவிட்டு கல்யாணம் செய்து கொள்வதாய் என் பெண் சொன்னாள், அதற்கு ஸ்ரீமத் அழகிய சிங்கர் இந்தா உன்னுடைய படிப்பிற்கு ஒரு பிடி அக்‌ஷதை, கல்யாணத்திற்கு ஒரு பிடி அக்‌ஷதை என்று சிரித்துக்கொண்டே அனுக்ரஹித்தார். அழகிய சிங்கர் அனுக்ரஹம் பரிபூரண திருப்தியை கொடுத்தது.

  12. We are saddened to hear the news of our Acharya shedding his mortal remains – Adiyen Raghavn from Bangalore

  13. A Sun has set from the world. We are plunged in darkness at a time when we needed him most to guide us.His contribution to the world is immense.He leaves behind a big treasure of wonderful writings on various topics for us to remember him for ever. For me my achrayan lives for ever in my heart .


  14. Having been blessed with the divine association with H H even before ascending to The Sacred Seat of Jeer of Ahobila Matam as 45th Pontiff, Adiyen feel the loss as a huge one. Pray The AchAryan’s Anugraham give all Sishyas enough strength to bear the loss. Dasan , Kombur Vankeepuram Madhavan.

  15. Very shocking to hear the demise of Acharya Swami. It is an irreparable loss to Sri Ahobila Mutt Sishyas. The beloved Acharya is still with us and is helping us to move towards achieving prosperity.

    Adiyen Dasan

  16. A noble Acharyan, who blessed his disciples with his smile has entered the world of “Sri Vaikundam” . He will shower HIS blessings to all of us from there. Acharyan Thiruvadigalae Saranam.

    Dasan Srinivasa Raaghavan. Bharathinagar, Chennai.

  17. Great shock for me to hear the news about our acharyan. It’s a huge loss to all our Ahobilamutt shisyas. Very difficult to see such a nice person. Tough he is not alive always he live in our heart. Let’s pray Lord Lakshmi Narashima.

  18. Words are just not enough to express how much grace this acharya has bestowed on us..I pray to HIS HOLINESS that he continues to shower his grace on all of us from srivaikuntam.

    Asmadh acharya thiruvadigale sharanam

  19. Srimathe Sri LakshmiNrisimha divya pAdukAa sEvaka SrivaN Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra MahAdEsikAya namaha.
    adiyEn had the bhAgyam of samAsrayaNam under the holy hands of 45th Jeer;

    adiyEn’s mother had the bhagyam of sending all the holy books we had in our ancient house to him;

    whenever adiyEn’s mother prostrated before him saying she was the daughter in law of the younger brother of Karaikurichi pughazhmAlai Sundararaja iyengar, his eyes would glow with happiness;

    when adiyEn’s wife submitted to him that she was delaying baranyAsam as she might have to go abroad as her children were there and this would make her commit a sin against her AchAryan, he said, “have baranyAsam done; do not worry about anything else”; she had the bhAgyam of samArayanam and baranyAsam under his holy hands; when adiyEn’s family had to endure some serious mishaps, his blessings and manthrAkshathai were our sole succour;

    whenever adiyEn used to prostrate before him, adiyEn used to recite aloud his thaniyan and he would be pleased with it;

    whenever adiyEn used to inform him about the small kainkaryams in the form of very small things to Sri Matam and its institutions, he would express his happiness with eyes bright and a smile;

    same benign smile and blessings were there when adiyEn submitted to him in Bengaluru that adiyEn could learn a lot by listening to his Thiruppavai upansyasams and by reading his articles in Nrisimha Priya magazine;

    whenever adiyEn or any sishya used to prostrate before him either in the hall or in his Asrama room, he would invariably, like a mother, say, “Stay back, have food and then leave”;

    adiyEn had the bhAgyam of receiving the Ahnika grantham book, with his hasthAkshara/ autograph which his holiness did with great compassion for adiyEn.

    adiyEn concludes by quoting U vE sri Sadagopan swami:
    Swamy Desikan has revealed that there is no one , who is greater or equal to our AchAryans ( AchryAdhiha dEvatAm samAdhikAm anyAm na manyAmahE ).

    Srimate SrivanSatakopa Sri Ranganatha Yatindra Mahadesikaya nama:

    adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan
    KAraikurichi Nambi Varadhan

    • I have missed my acharayan its very memorable in my life with him was I got married in his presence at Sree Ahobilam on 18/03/1998 and he himself has asked the girl side to accept me. I still remember he asked me weather my marriage should be performed in Ahobila mutt in Ahobilam or temple. I answered him I don’t want to trouble Ahobila mutt Since it was brahama utsavam time and preferred
      to marry in the main temple itself he arranged sishyas to perform my marriage.

      • Still to say a few in 1996 we invited Acharyan for dola utsavan at our Osmania university campus at R-27 Tarnaka secunderabad my father has written a cheque for Rs 2500 . Acharyan asked for cash as father arranged money for the same and returned to Acharyan the asked sisyas to handover the cheque to us I( s.srihari) intervened and said acharyan when we have written the cheque in the name of acharyan “HH Jear of 45th of Ahobilamutt” to don’t want to tear it nor cancel. Let it be with acharyan he had a great smile and said I (Acharyan) don’t want to bother family or create hardship. We in turn replied when god has visited to our house where is the hardship or bother to us he had a great smile and even invited my handicapped sister to lunch at ahobila mutt hyderabad where all our family members joined me there and seek a great blessing from him. Jay sreeman narayana we missed you and your blessing remained for ever still we are all in the deep sorrow and still we are all unable to come out with the detachment from you. Please all hyderabad please find death column in the Hindu of 21 edition

  20. the great acharyan and the great sampradhaya sironmani of vadagalai vainavam. today morning i am very shock for this news. and my family the first son of sri. mamballam bashyagar swamy t.v. singarachariyar swamy to attend the great goshti of this swamy furnction. this 45th jeer swamy was respect to the aruliucheyal of kanchi thengalayar goshtfrom the begining period to till date. i am very sorry to tell to all sri vasishvana vadagalai sampradhayam we are loosing the sampradhaya jeer swamy. my family is prarthana to lord perarulalan perundevi thayar and our acharyan of sri. ramanuja and sri manavalamamunugal for this 45th jeer swamy to kainkaryam in boologa vaigundam in sorgaloga logam of alwar acharyal goshti. mamballam raman

  21. Srimathe Sri LakshmiNrisimha divya pAdukAa sEvaka SrivaN Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra MahAdEsikAya namaha:

    Adiyen had an opportunity to perform Kuchipudi dance in his presence. Acharyan had visited lalapet village, NA district in 2003. I gave a dance performance at the Kalyana Venkateshwara perumal Koil. Acharyan thirumeeni was not well and hence he could not attend the performance. But once my performance was over, I went with my mother to prostrate before him. He was very upset that no one informed him that there was a dance performance. He very politely with a smiling face, asked me whether I can do a small dance for him. I was taken back, such a great acharya and such a nice gentle person, asking a small boy to dance before him. It was a bagyam for me and I danced in front of him and he was so happy, he called my mother and said, ” sathana pillaya pethirukai amma”. Getting a word of praise from our acharya was the very big bagyam in my life.

    He asked me whether I had samarchayam or not. I told him that I have not yet. He himself asked me to come the next day morning and to get samarchayanam, and I did follow his instructions.

    It is a great loss for all of us, that we will not be seein g our archaryan.

    Our pranamams to that great Mahan!

    Adiyen Sowmyanarayana dasan.

  22. myself recollect the earlier days moved the acharya which cannot be forget. the first time entry to chennai city withis elder brother who is anustanaparar.to our house situated in george town area.learned from him so many regarding sampradaya . ofcourse it is endless for us.










  25. ரஹஸ்யத்ரயஸாரத்தை இவ்வளவு எளிமையாகவும், விளக்கமாகவும் எழுதியவர்கள் இவரைப் போல் யாருமில்லை.
    ஸாரனாதன், ஸ்ரீரங்கம்.

  26. A very sad day indeed. But then our beloved acharya would have the pleasure of serving Sriman Narayana and bless us. He will always remain with us. I had the opportunity to meet him personally and take his blesings during 2011 Sri Ramanuja thirunakshtram at Melukote.

  27. very sad to hear the news. i wanted to meet him but unfortunately never had a oppununity to do so. our world is now changed irreparably

    May he live in our hearts and prayers always and continue to guide us
    Sri Lakshminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Sathakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikaya Namah!!

  28. Our AchArya Ratnam , who illumined our paths, welcomed us with parama vaatsalyam and inquired always about our well being has now ascended to Parama padham .We feel orphaned . His stellar and pioneering kaimkaryams to Sri VaishNava community from Grantha NirmAnams to crystal clear KaalakshEpams to moving MangaLAsAsanams at dhivya desams and abhimAna sthalams are matchless and legendary . He reached out to the overseas sishyAs and blessed them , through the format of TeleupanyAsams that opened their eyes to the majesty of dhivya Prabhandhams and AchArya Sri Sooktis like ThirunedumtANDakam , SaraNAgati Gadhyam , Sanklapa SooryOdhayam and so many others . During the twenty years as PeetAdhipati of Sri AhOBila MaTham , he criss-crossed Bharata desam and brought Malolan and Dolai KaNNan to the homes of His SishyAs , blessed them with SamASrayaNa , bharanyAsams and initiated them in to Sri VaishNava rites to help them enjoy their lives as PrapannAs. He annointed NityAgnihOtri, Rg Veda GhanapAdi Swamy to succeed Him as the 46th Pattam Srimath Azhagiyasingar , Sri Ranganatha Yateendhra MahA Desikan to provide guidance to us all.
    Illustrating the depth of meaning behind the fourth Vaakyam of the Taniyan , ” sEvE RangadhureeNa SaasanavaSam NaarAyaNam Yoginam” , He accepted SanyAsa Asramam , had pattabhishEkam as the 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar , observed ChAthurmAsyams , celebrated His memorable SatAbhishEkam ,all at Srirangam DaSAvatAra Sannidhi near the southern Raaja Gopuram built by His AchAryan , Srimath MukkUr Azhagiyasingar and brought us all together . The abundant memories of the twenty years of AchAryakatvam of Sri Narayana Yateendhra MahA Desikan fill our minds this day as we miss His august and auspicious presence amidst us. He is not however far away as He will be blessing us from His BrundhAvanam next to His AchAryan near the DasAvatAra Sannidhi created by Kaliyan and where Swamy Desikan’s DasAvatAra stuti was created !


    • Namaskaram:

      We feel overwhelmed with sadness. We saw them in March, since we went to the Matam on a week day, we were fortunate to have exclusive time with both of them. It will be very comforting if Sri Chinna Azhagiyasingar could address our community when it is convenient. Namaskaram

  29. en uyir thanthu aLiththavarai saraNam pukku.. Srimadh Azhagiya Singar is our AchAryAAL and as per saashtraa AchAryA is our Father and Astaaksharam is our mother for all surrendered souls. This is a great loss. Thalaiyil idi vizhunthathu pOl thikku theriyaamal kalangi niRkiRom adiyOngaL. “nArAyananE namakkE parai tharuvaan”..

  30. Words fail to express the great loss to the Srivaishnava Community , at this hour of grief. Even though our acharyan is not in our midst in this mundane world now , his teachings would be remembered by all devotees , all the time and let us all pledge to live up to his expectations. May the departed soul bless us from Srivaikuntam .
    Srimath Azhagiyasingar thiruvadikalae saranam .

  31. श्रीमते लक्ष्मीनृसिंहपरब्रह्मणे नमः । श्रीमते शठकोपाय नमः। श्रीमते भाष्यकाराय नमः । श्रीमन्निगमान्तमहादेशिकाय नमः । श्रीमदादिवण्शठकोपयतीन्द्रमहादेशिकाय नमः । श्रीमते श्रीलक्ष्मीनृसिंहदिव्यपादुकासेवक श्रीवण्शठकोप श्रीश्रीरङ्गशठकोप यतीन्द्रमहादेशिकाय नमः । श्रीमते श्रीवण्शठकोप श्रीश्रीवीरराघव शठकोप यतीन्द्र महादेशिकाय नमः । श्रीमते श्रीवण्शठकोप श्रीवेदान्तदेशिक यतीन्द्रमहादेशिकाय नमः । श्रीमते श्रीलक्ष्मीनृसिंहदिव्यपादुकासेवक श्रीवण्शठकोप श्रीनारायण यतीन्द्रमहादेशिकाय नमः । श्रीमते श्रीवण्शठकोप श्रीरङ्गनाथ शठकोप यतीन्द्रमहादेशिकाय नमः ।

    श्रीमद्वेदमार्गप्रतिष्ठापनाचार्य, परमहंसपरिव्राजकाचार्य, सर्वतन्त्रस्वतन्त्रोभयवेदान्ताचार्य, श्रीभगवद्रामानुज सिद्धान्त निर्धारण सार्वभौम, श्रीलक्ष्मीनृसिंहदिव्यपादुकासेवक श्रीवण्शठकोप श्रीनारायण यतीन्द्रमहादेशिकानां परमपद प्राप्ति विषयक चरमश्लोकाः

    अब्देऽस्मिन्विजयाभिधे दिनमणावाशामुदीचीं गते
    मासे माधवशुक्लगे नवमयुङ्माघे निशायां सुधीः ।
    श्रीमन्मानृहरेः शुभं पदयुगं सेवारतेः योग्यगात्
    श्रीनारायणपूर्वकः शठरिपुः श्रीरङ्गयोगीक्षितः ।। 1

    विजयाब्दे वृषे शुक्लनवम्यां मन्दवासरे । श्रीनारायणयोगीन्द्रः स्वाचार्यचरणावगात् ।। 2

    श्रीरङ्गकारिजकृपाफलभूतसम्यङ्ज्ञानादिदिव्यगुणभूषणदेशिकोऽयम् ।
    मालोलदिव्यपदयोरनघां सपर्यां भक्तिप्रकर्षविपुलां सफलां वितेने ।। 3

    लीलाविभूतिगतमानृहरेरजस्रं कैङ्कर्यमाहिमगिरे रघुवीरसेतोः ।
    पर्यन्तदिव्यभगवत्स्थलसन्निधीषु नारायणो यतिरयं तु भजन्विरेजे ।। 4

    लीलाविभूत्यां नृहरिः विलक्षणनिषेवितः । वैकुण्ठेऽभिलषन्नेतं नूनमाकारयद्धरिः ।। 5

    नारायणयतीन्द्रेण विहितैः विविधैः शुभैः । तुष्टोऽसौ नृहरिः सम्यक् नित्यां भूतिमदाद्गुरोः ।। 6

    विंशत्यधिकवर्षेभ्यः विवृद्धि गमयन्हरेः । वैभवं त्वैहिकं सम्यक् नित्यां परिषदं गतः ।। 7

    ज्ञानं विमलं चरितं महितं मान्या विरतिः निशिता धिषणा ।
    सेवा त्वनघा भजनं विपुलं यस्मिन् नितरां प्रथिता हि गुणाः ।। 8

    किं कृत्यं दुर्भगैरेभिः विहीनैर्गुऱुणाऽमुना । तोष्टव्यं वा तदीक्षायै विषाद्यं तदभावतः ।। 9

    साधूक्तं बहुभिः भक्तैः आचार्योऽयमनुत्तमः । उत्तमां तु भजन्भूतिं अनुगृह्णात्विमान् सदा ।। 10

    रामानुजेन दासेन तदीयगुणवारिधौ । मज्जनं कृतमेतावत् स्वात्मवाक्शुद्धिलब्धये ।। 11

  32. Acharyan was very kind to everybody and nobody can fill the gap of his vidwat, his achara, the kainkaryams made to the divyadesams especially to the Ahobilam and his submissiveness even to a child

  33. May he live in our hearts and prayers always and continue to guide us.Let us all pledge to live up to his expectations. May the departed soul bless us from Srivaikuntam .

    Sri Lakshminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Sathakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikaya Namah!!

    adiyen Sreenevasarangan dassan Somangalam

  34. shocking news of acharya’s attainment of paramapadam spread like wildfire, people of hyderabad were blessed many a times by hh 45th jeer, all of us went into nostalgia,, recollecting his commitment to the aradhanam of the malolan, treated all his disciples very fondly, and his love and affection towards kids is well known, by this simple gestures, he left strong life long impression on who ever comes to his sannidhi,he stood true to the word sri lakshmi nrusimha divya padasevaka till to the end ,,, we know his blessings will always be there to his sishyas..a great void for all of us for the people of hyderabad .. acharya divya vadigalae sharanam

  35. Srirangam Srimad Aandavan while paying mangalasasanms at Pancha Garuda Seva at Nanganallur and in anugrahapasanam said with grief that today is a SAD DAY for the world and in particular to vaishnivite comunity as 45th pontiff of Ahobila Mutt who is great scholar and exponent of great qualities has asscendeded to Paramapadam and he could not speak further in grief and left .


    Words will never be sufficiant to discribe ” THE ABDUNDANT GRACE” bestowed by H.H.SRI NARAYANA YATEENDRA MAHA DESIKAN, THE ACHARYA RATNAM bestowed on us..by readily agreeing to a deviation in the route of HIS HOLYNESS’ VIJAYAYATRA via MANGALORE (COASTAL KARNATAKA),which was then adiyen’s place of residence, thus, A new beginning in tradition of SRI AHOBILA MUTT SANCHRAM route to Mumbai from the year of 1995. Adiyen’s parama bagyam on the day of BARADASAMARPANAM to have SEVAI OF GEETHACHARYAN in the presence of ACHARYAN with-in the inner SANNADI OF UDUPI SRIKRISHNAN. This is perceived as very UNIQUE Blessings.
    The compasion of H.H Jeeyar is a guiding force for all sishyas and shall remain so.

  37. Sri:
    We are indeed fortunate to be ever associated with such a great personality. Having Samashrayanam through Villivalam AzhagiyaSingar was a greatest benediction.
    We were blessed to have a personal interaction with him on the day of the 20th anniversary of his ascension to the simhasanam. Even though his voice was choked and it was not clearly audible he was compassionately asking us to take the prasadam before leaving the place. On a busy day when there were many VIPs visiting him he was taking personal car which shows his soulabhyam.
    We will miss an acharya who was not just a sheer genius as exemplified by his monumental work ‘Ahnika Grantham’ showing us the path to be followed but also a very humane and compassionate personality. This grantham should be in every shisya’s home to be imbibed and followed to the best of one’s abilities and this will be the real tribute befitting the great personality.

    Malathy and Vivek

  38. Srimathe SriLakshmi Nrusimha Divya Paduka sevaka Srivan Sri Satagopa Sri Narayana Yatindra mAhADesikaye Namah

    adiyen is dazed and feel a large void in life. Acharyan blessed our family with Panchasamskaram and Bharanyasam and was very kind and compassionate. He is very fond of adiyen’s daughter and asked adiyen to ensure that her marriage is conducted in a traditional and sampradaayic way. He shared with her that His favorite chanting is Alavandar’s Stothra Rathnam. We will miss him dearly.

  39. ஸ்ரீ மடத்திற்கு கைங்கர்யம் பண்ண பாக்கியம் பண்ணி இருக்க வேண்டும். பாக்கியம் செய்த அடியோர்கள் நேரில் சென்று கைங்கர்யம் பண்ணி இருக்கிறார்கள். மூட்டை மூட்டையாக மணல், சிமெண்ட், செங்கல் அனைத்தும் அழகியசிங்கர் ப்ருந்தாவனத்தில் ஏதேனும் மாவேனோ!! என்று கூறுவது போல் உள்ளாது.ப்ருந்தாவனம் அமைக்கும் கட்டிட வேலையாளர்கள், பணி அவர்கள் செய்த பூர்வ புண்ணிய பலன் என்றே தோன்றுகிறது.தேனும், பாலும் திருமேணியில் சேருவதற்கென்றே உருவானதோ? மனம் கமிழ் சந்தனம்,ஆச்சார்ய சம்மந்தத்துடன் சேர்ந்து மணம் வீசுகிறது.
    இந்த படங்களை வெளியிட்டதற்கு எங்கள் க்ருதஞையை தெரிவித்து கொள்கிறோம்.

  40. We feel orphaned by sudden demise of Acharya H.H.SRI NARAYANA YATEENDRA MAHA DESIKAN,.His childlike face and utmost concern for bhaktas irespective of time of his visit to mutt will cherish our memories and protect us through out our life time.

  41. It is a great loss and I was shocked to see 19/05/2013The Hindu.

    Adiyen had an opportunity to listen to him at Selaiyur madam when all of us in the family had been to get his blessings for conducting the marriage of my daughter in 2003. (He was so much concerned and asked me whether there was any demand for money from grooms side. It goes to show that how an acharya is to take care his shishyas however small they are.)

  42. I am unable to control the tears in my eyes. Adiyen, is seeing our Acharyan being with Lord Narayana at Vaikundham and feeling happy that he is enjoying the Lords presence as he has always been. Now he is with him. This joy is also turning into tears of joy. Our loss so big that it cannot be compensated and i feel an emptiness in my heart. Please pardon me if i have written something wrong.
    Adiyen Dasan.

  43. We feel orphaned by sudden demise of Acharya H.H.SRI NARAYANA YATEENDRA MAHA DESIKAN,.His childlike face and utmost concern for bhaktas irespective of time of his visit to mutt will cherish our memories and protect us through out our life time.my great loss guriji

  44. We the shishyas of Ahobila Muth and all those who came in contact with Srimad Azhagiasingar the 45th jeer will miss HH a lot. He reached out to panditas, the womenfolk, kids and even animals with affection. Saulabhyam dominated His atmagunas. Compassion was HH’s great quality.We SriRangamvasis were fortunate to be part of HH’S vAIKUNTAROHANAM.But devotees came from distant London and US ,Mumbai Chennai, braved the weather, power-cuts and personal handicaps to be at Dasavatharan sannidhi. We used to visit HH Atleast twice a day to understand the condition of His health. We felt sad at His suffering. By 18th evening it was kind of evident that our loss was close. We were allowed to have close darshan of HH. Stotras were being continuously chanted and there were preparations going on. We went home with a heavy heart that night but could not sleep. At about 1.30 a bhaghavatha was kind enough to call us up and we all rushed to Dasavathara sannidhi to find HH in a Yogic posture resplendent with Tiruman kaapu and a smile on His lips. Tears could not be controlled by men and women. It was very difficult to accept the truth. But we consoled ourselves by thinking of our luck to be there with nobody asking us to move away. We captured the picture in our hearts and will cherish it forever. Of course the next day’s ceremonies were there but this Ekantha Seva is something we will always remember We do not belong the category of kainkaryaparas or VIP’S yet HH gave us this experience

  45. Adiyen had the opportunity to serve our Acharyan on a few occasions. His enchanting smile is unforgettable, especially when he sees children. Remembering almost every face, always inviting them to the mutt and telling them not go without Dadiyaradhanai are all examples of our Acharyan’s great qualities. He has performed all his duties much beyond our expectation including nominating the successor.

  46. Acharya Thiruvadigale Saranam! Thank you Vijayanthi (aunty)for sharing your experience. Your description of our beloved Acharya ascending to paramapadam, brings some peace to my heart. So… blessed you are to have been there during those last moments of our Spiritual Father. We are so fortunate to have HH close association in our lives for the past 20 blessed years. Keep thinking of that first darshan of HH right at Dasavathara Sannidhi & received his blessings as a young adult. So many fond memories of our beloved HH 45th Acharya! Though he will be in our hearts, his amazing smile will be missed forever.

  47. Excellent coverage. We wish to convey our sincere gratitude for having provided us with this information. Felt as if we were at Srirangam along with other sishsyas…

  48. We will be missing our HH 45th Azhagiya Singar’s pushpa alangarams with grace and utter love to Malolan and consorts. I have witnessed many a times his eyes glowing with divine power while doing this kainkaryam. We will also be missing His compassionate enquiries when we meet Him. Lord Lakshmi Nrusimhar has to give us strength to bear this loss. Sri Laksmi Nrusimhaya Namaha

  49. Srimathe Sri LakshmiNrisimha divya pAdukAa sEvaka SrivaN Satakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra MahAdEsikAya namaha.
    whenever adiyEn or any sishya used to prostrate before him either in the hall or in his Asrama room, he would invariably, like a mother, say, “Stay back, have food and then leave”;
    Now we are missing him. it is a great loss to the entire srivaishnava community.May his soul rest in peace

  50. can any one please denote the places of hh 44 and hh45th jeer’s of ahobila mutt’s brindavanams on google maps.. and also where is dasavataram sannidhi in srirangam,,, we can see ahobila mutt close to white gopuram

  51. His teachings and His articles in Nrisimhapriya magazines are all the guiding factors for all Srivaishnavites. His attaining Acharyan thiruvadis is a great boon for the mumukshus and a very great loss to one and all living in this world.

  52. Though I follow the Kanchi Mahaperiyaval and Sringeri Acharyal and belong to Smartha sampradaya, I had the good fortune of getting a darshan of the senior Acharya in the Tambaram Ahobila matam…he blessed me with akshata..

    May Sri Nruhari always be with our acharya..


  53. A great loss for all Sri Vaishnavites particularly sishyas like me. There is no words to explain anything other than this. Once Acharyan visted a close relative of mine at Ambattur. We really enjoyed that moment. The almighty should give enough will powers to all of us to bear the unbearable loss. Though acharyan passed away, he has left his golden views and lights to us to follow. We have to encourage and teach our children to walk in this path.


  54. our Beloved Acharyan Sri Lakshminarasimha Divya Padhu Sevaya Srivan Sadakopa Sri Narayana Yatheendra Mahadesikan. I attended his tirupavai discourse for 3yrs. During that time I could not attend one day. During the discourse he asked about me. Without knowing this I went on the next day. Every sisya came and asked me why I did not come and they told me that Acharyan enquired during his discourse. I was thrilled and tensed to face our Acharyan. He was placing Sri Sadari and stopped asked me why you did not come yesterday. I told him that I had some personal work. Acharyan replied with smile “sondha velai perumal pathupan ne avena sondhama paru” meaning your personal work will be taken care by Perumal if you see him personally. My eyes got filled with tears and after that I never missed him discourse. When Thirumanjanam performed for his thirumeni I could not hold myself. We will definitely miss this great scholar, upanyasakar, apthar, acharyan, muni, perfect example of a sanyasi, thoughtful, greatful, soulful acharyan. Our pranams to the 46th Pattam Acharyan


  56. It is a great loss to the human kind.He lived like a true saint and stood as an example to all of us to follow the path of Dharma.I had the golden opportunity to get blessings from him directly last year at Selaiyur.He will continue to bless all of us from Paramapadam.

  57. i can never forget my acharya the 45th jeer.since he perfomed the panchasamskara and baranyasa (a layman like me-by the side of well educated/well versed withthe vaishnava sampradayam).i am deeply sorrowed and weeping daily in morning and eveing.on hearig this sadding demise,i dont know how to repay his kindness,love,and affection he showed on me. ma he rest i peace,and guide in the right path.thank you

  58. Recently, I had an opportunity of meeting the acharyas at selaiyur and obtained their blessings. It was a very pleasant meeting for me to remember for live. MY respectful pranams to Acharya who attained thiruvadi at bhuloka vaikuntam. He will bless and guide us all from the eternal world.

  59. I had an exprience with acharyan, in 2006 HH Sathabhishka Mahotsavam. My father expired in that year and I thought i cannot attend his Sathabhishega Mahotsavam. I went to Padhoor for offering sambavanai for his Mohotsavam. HH asked I came there I told I cannot come as one year was not passed after my father reached acharyan thiruvadi. HH told I should attend his Mahothsavam and He want to see me in that function and there is nothing wrong in attending and going to Divayadesam only Kartha should not go to Hills. I attended the function along with my 4 months old daughter and with my family. His sowlabyam solla varthai kidayadhu, Great loss for us.


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