Today varusha thirunakshatram of Sri Uyyakondar


Today is the Thirunakshatram of Sri Uyyakondar. Sri Uyyakondar was a primary sishya of Sri Nadhamunigal who was 63 years younger to Sri Nadhamunigal born in prabhava year (886 A.D , Kali 3987) chittirai month krittigai star. He was born as Sri Jayathsenar – a nithyasuri amsam at Thiruvellarai in poorvasika srivaishnava brahmana kulam.


He was named by his parents as Sri Pundareekakshar. He adored Sri Nathamuni as his Acharya and gained the knowledge of vedantha and Divyaprabhandams from him. Kurukai Kavalappan was also a disciple of Sri Nathamuni along with UyyaKondar.

Sri Nathamuni had two important treasures with him. (1) The secret of astaanga Yoga to attain praapthi (This will save the Abyhasaha. ie., practicing person) and (2) Nalayira  Divya Prabhantham with meanings. (This will save the Andacharachara. Ie the entire world).  Nathamuni decided to teach one of these two to his two prominent students namely Kurukai Kavalappan and Pundarekaksaar. As Kavalappan wished to choose astaanga yoga, Nathamuni instructed him. But Pundareekashar determined to learn Nalayiram Divya Prabhandam. Thus was his kindness towards mankind.

It was known that Sri Nathamuni, received an vigraham of Sri Ramanujar (bhavishyadaacharyan) along with the (4000) Nalayira Divya Prabhantham from Nammazhvar. Nammazhwar instructed him to handover the Vigraham to Nadamuni’s yet-to-be-born grandson. When Sri Nathamuni predicted his own end, he called UyyaKondar and told him to keep the idol in a secure place and handed it over to Sri Nathamuni’s grandson in the future.

UyyaKondar accepted the same as it was Acharya’s Order. However, he was not able to make it executed as the grandson was not born during the Uyyakondar’s period. Hence, he handed over the idol to Mana(r)kkal nambi and instructed him that he would take the responsibility of instructing Sri Nathamuni’s grandson.

As we can see from the above incident, UyyaKondar was always remembering the Achraya’s instructions, even in during his final hours

His disciples :

1. Manakkal Nambi

2. Thiruvallikeni Panperumal Arayar

3. Settaipoosi Chendalankarar called as Setlur Chendalankarar

4. Sri Pundareeka Dasar

5. Ullagu PerumalNangai

6. Komadam Thiruvinnagarappan

Uyyakondar, since spent all moment in his life time in preaching Sri Nadamuni’s teachings, didn’t compose any independent literary works. However, he gone overwhelmed by Andal’s Thiruppavai , phrased the Thaniyans for Tiruppavai verses. AnnaVayal Puthuvai Andal… &  Suudik kodutha sudarkodiye….

It is believed that Uyakkondar lived for 105 years.

uyyakkondar’s thanian:

nama: pankaja nEthrAya nAtha: srI pAdha pankajE

nyastha sarva bharAya asmath kula nAthAya dhimathE

நம: பங்கஜ நேத்ராய நாத: ஸ்ரீ பாத பங்கஜே

ந்யஸ்த ஸர்வ பராய அஸ்மத் குல நாதாய தீமதே

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