Thiruvrangam Viruppan Thirunaal Chitrai Brahmotsavam ThiruTher


As part of the ongoing Thiruvarangam Viruppan Thirunaal Chitrai Brahmotsavam which commenced on April 29, 2013, Thiruther purappadu of Namperumal  took place around the chitrai veedi yesterday (May 7th, 2013).

The following is a write-up by Sri Narasimha Bhattar…

Rangeshamam Paahi–Rangeshamam paahi- Ranga Prabo
Antha Rangam Yavum Intha Rangan Arivaan
Sri Ranga Sri Ranga Sri Rangaa Sri Rangga Same sounds in Chitra-Utthara =Prakarams
Saptha Prakarams you may listen Sri Ranga Sounds only..

As we even think about Srirangam, it not only brings us the thought about Lord Ranganatha but it also brings the bliss and joy in our hearts. Srirangam is a place of great history, each and every festival that is celebrated at this holy place is celebrated for the people so  as to bring the the people together.

Today is the day our dear Azhagiya Manavalan appears in the Ther or the chariot. True to his name “Rangaraja” (The King Ranga) his majestic appearance is beyond any description. The Devas from their heavenly abode are piled up along the Chitra Veedhi (Street) to have a darshan of the Supreme. In addition to the Devas, all the Murthi’s from the 108 Divya Desams have also taken a spot in Chithra Veedhi to catch a glimpse of Him.

All of them stand mesmerized by His beauty. All of them line up in the morning and anxiously await to see how Azhagiya Manavalan appears and what he has chosen has his Vahana of the day. At the end of the day all the Murthi’s from the Divya Desams return to their appropriate Kshethrams and look forward to the next day. This is the reason why Lord Ranganatha is referred to as “Periya Perumal” which translates as the Lord of all.

His blessing is not only with all the people of Srirangam but also with the members of Srirangasri group who not only worship him as a lord but feel him as an Acharyan / a problem solver / a friend.

Tomorrow is “Sapthavatharam”. I pray our dear Azhagiya Manavalan and Sri Ranganachiyar to grant all the wishes for our devotees. I offer pranams to the lotus feet of the Almighty Seeking the Lotus Feet of Ranganatha

Srirangam——–Oiyara Nadai Azaghu
Thirupathi———Vadai Azaghu
Kancheepuram—- Kudai Azaghu
Melkottai————Mudee Azaghu

These are very famous and Prasadams while

Srirangam—- Aravanai( Night time we offer to our Namperumal and Sriranga Nachiyar with Rice and Vellam(jaggerey) elachiwith Ghee)
Thiruvallicane———Sakkarai Pongal
Thirukannapuram—–Sowriraja perumal Muniyodharai pongal in Evening time
Nagapatnam–Sondarajan Puliyodharai
Azagarkoil ——-Doshai
Srivilliputtur——-Curd Rice

The following are some of the photographs taken during the Ther utsavam yesterday…

Thiruvarangam Thiruther1

Thiruvarangam Thiruther2

Photo Courtesy: Sri Elangovan Ramalingam, Sri Prashanth Rajagopal and Sri Rengarajan Ravi

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