Sri Yamunacharyas Chatusloki Translation -Part 5


Second Verse:

yasyaasthE mahimaanam Athmana iva tvadvallabhObi prabhu:
naalam maathum iyatthayaa niravathim nithyaanukoolam swatha:
thAmm thvAmm daasa ithi PRAPANNA ithi cha sthOshyAmyaham nirbbhaya :
lOkaikEswari lOkanAtha dhayithE dhAnthE DAYAAM thEvidhan
[forgive me for transliteration errors]

In the second sloka beginning with Yasyaaste - it is emphasised that Lakshmi is an embodiment of Supreme eminence, limitless and above any contradictions by pramaanas(proofs).

Your darling Lord- Prabhu- even that Sarvasakshthan- Most Powerful; Omniscient, [similar to His own glories and Self which is – like Yours- unbounded, unlimited,innumerable, always sweetest, glorious kalyANa guNAs;] can not measure and utter in words of praise. Oh the Mistress of this Universe! [IswarI] Oh dear consort of the Lord of the Universe! Knowing that You have dayA for me as a krupaNan (Dheenan ) , adiyEn approaches You and eulogizes You as Your Daasan and Prapannan- Saranaagathan- without any fear.

I do not think even that Lord of Yours will be able to fully praise Your glories and understand Yourglories. Does He utter and list down His glories as well first? His own self is immeasurable and ineffable by Himself. If His glories are unbounded, unlimited,innumerable, even Yours as well are equally immeasurable, unbounded and innumerable. Not because He is envious of You or He does not know Your greatness; Like His greatness, this is also equally sweetening to Him to hear that even he would not be able to fully praise You.. All times, it is sweet to Him and to You to hear that both Your glories can not be fully understood and uttered by anyone including Him. Then, why should He not be able to tell? Because Your greatness is always growing unbounded; It is never the bounded One; It is always exponentially increasing. He also can not see the limit. As much as possible, let me also attempt. I was afraid if I would tell something wrongly and commit apacharam. If someone decides to scold You, You would ignore them; (Lord would punish); But of someone (like me) decides to praise You, even if there is a mistake, being a repository of compassion, You would accept saying, “he is dhAnthan; humble; attempts to praise;” and you would forgive.

Even if I forgive, others like Brahma, Rudra would reject and may even scold you for such wrong praises,mistakes- You may ask me.. But since You are mistress of the Lord of the Universe and even You have accepted these praises, and have forgiven, why should I be scared of others? I am nirbhayan (fearless). Even then, You should yourself realise that it is too much and should not start this- are You saying to me? But being Your eternal servant- dAsa bhUthan- it is my nature only to praise You and only if I do not do that, it is incorrect. Even if someone knows this and still keeps quiet, I can not be like them and keep quiet. Hence adiyEn approaches You and eulogizes You as Your Daasan and Prapannan- Saranaagathan- without any fear..

She is svathO nithyAnukUlai (One who has the natural disposition to bless Her children at all times). AlavandhAr recognized this anukampA and PurushakAra aspects of Her and approached Her as Her Daasan and prapannan.


Now, hereafter, Alavandhar mentions in the third sloka- verse- that it is only due to Sri Mahalakshmi’s power and grace – anugraham to bless and grant one with the fruits of Aiswaryam [material wealth], Kaivalyam [enjoying one’s own self-jeevathma saathShAtkAram- Athma anubhavam] and finally redemption and attainment of the Srivaikuntam, namely,Moksham. The glories of Lakshmi Kataksham are saluted here. YamunA hints that the Lord has no existence outside Her and mentions that truth when saying to PiraaTTi, “all jeevans get their good only due to your grace alone”.

To be continued …

Article by: Sri Madhava Kannan Swami, Singapore

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