Sri Yamunacharyas Chatusloki Translation -Part 4


Alavandhar first says the Lord if her Pathi (husband)and then says everything else is under Her ruler ship.. It is to mention that there are no two independent Lords here and then there will be chaos.

Here is She being His eternal consort, be with Him at all times and together rule the world.. as Lord [eka seshithvam) and thus as Sahadharma chaariNi. He without her, and she without Him would never bepossible and hence there is no way that one will rule without the Other.. As long as this is understood, there will no confusion- says Sri UttamUr Swamy.

paNipathi sayaa- with enjoyment, ecstatic, joyful Ananthaseshan, Adhiseshan, fragrant, white, tender bodied Adhiseshan, with the length and breadth is the bed and seat for Mahalakshmi. Thus the entire Nithya suRis and Nithya vibHuthi is under her ruler ship and Lordship.

Sri Muralidhar shares his excitement on this: Swami Desikan goes into raptures as he elaborated upon thesalutation "vEdhAthmA vihagEshvarO" describing the greatness of Garuda. Again it is helpful to dwell onthe salutation "srIrithyE vachanAma thE Bhagavathi brUma katham thvAm vayam" (Oh Goddess, known by thename of Sri one lifetime is insufficient to fully comprehend the meanings underlying your name. Thisalludes to the fact that even one cannot fully comprehend the 6 meanings SriyathE [She is sought after by all for refuge], ShrayathE [She grants refuge to all who seek her], ShruNOthi [She listens to the appeals of those who seek refuge in her] ShrAvayathi[She conveys this appeal to Her Lord Narayana, the master of the Universe], ShruNAthi[She removes all obstacles and impediments in the way of those who seek her-i.e., destroys the sins of those who seek refuge in Her] and ShrINAthi [She grants them /tt>lasting wealth] in one's lifetime)

Sri Perundevi Thayar and Sri Perarulaalan Ekasanathil Ezundarulal - Image Courtesy: Sri Vn Kesavabashyam Swami

thvaddAsa dAsIgaNa: everyone- including the Devas and their spouses are all Your servants.In the PancharAtra smahitA, SrI Maha Vishnu explains to his senior disciple VishvaksenA, the nature andattributes of His consort, Sri Mahalakshmi. He states that She is the resting place of all Gurus, ruler of all worlds, eternal and imperishable. He elaborates further on their relationship: Just as the Universe is pervaded by me both in essence and quality, all this is pervaded by Her also . Therefore, She is the disposer and ruler of all.... She is pervaded by me and similarly, I, the Lord, am also pervaded by Her. The difference between me and Her is that She, who is the ruler of all is subservient to me on Her own accord being sahadharmachaarinI.. To Her as well as the Universe that I am the Lord, is well known in Vedas.In the same PancharAtra SamhitA, Sri Mahalakshmi herself has explained Herself and Her consort, theirpervasion and their ruler ship. Sri Vatsya Varada Guru [also called as Nadhadhoor ammaaL, the author of the illustrious work on SaranAgathi known as Prapanna ParijAtha has elaborated on the relationship between the divine couple as follows : That supreme energy of Brahman, which is as is lustre to the moon, is the Goddess Lakshmi , who is coexistent with Brahman in all His conditions, and who is in His own nature and is indestructible.

Thus She is endowed with the three capacities of UPAYATVA(being the means), UPEYATVA (being the end)and PURUSHAKAARA (being the mediatrix) and is the ruler of the whole world.


PiraaTTi questions: How can we utter praising You?- You are asking. four faced - brahmaa, Rudra also cannot say.. PurusHotthaman can do.. and is capable. Even if I say no and in spite of that, He keeps praising me always..- That is enough. Why should You do,Alavandhaar? You can not do justice as You would not be able to fully comprehend the glories and praise fully. If you say wrongly, it is apacharam. So, stay out of trouble and it is good for you. . Alavandhar says: In as much as You possess Bhagavad GuNAs, You also possess sowseelyam, vaaathsalyam, daya, in fullest glories and hence I have abosultly no fear;Even Your Lord can not fully comprehend You [as He can not comprehend His glories Himself] and hence can not describe You and Praise You fully. So, Your eternal servant- I- can also start to praise You:


To be continued..

Article by: Sri Madhava Kannan Swami, Singapore


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