Guru Pushya Utsavam in Sriperumbuthur


Today is thai-thiruvadhirai (masa thirunakshathram of Swami Udaiyavar) – the auspicious beginning guru pushyam uthsavam in Sriperumbuthur. Guru Pushya utsavam is being celebrated for 3 days from Thiruvathirai nakshatram to Pushya nakshatram of Thai month.


Swami Emberumanar toured the length and breadth of Bhartha Desha to preach the  Vishistadwaita. Then Just  few days before leaving the mortal coil and going to Vaikunta, His Disciple and Swami Mudhaliandan’s Son Kanthadai Annan got a Archa Vigraham of Ramanuja and presented before him, then Swami Ramanuja embraced that archa thirumeni and passed all his powers onto that vigraham, then Udayavar instructed to the Prathistai (installation) of this Vigraham  on Tamil Month Thai on Constellation of Pushya Star at Sriperumpudur. While Swami Ramanuja was in Srirangam, this archa moorthi was installed in Sriperumbudur. On the day his archa thirumeni was installed, it appears Swami Ramanuja, in Srirangam, felt his limbs and body trembling. He appeared to have remarked to his disciples that Swami Kandadai Aandan was, perhaps, installing his archa thirumeni!  This Vigraham is what we see in Sriperumpuduthur and it is known as Than Uganda Thirumeni. Sri Ramanujar’s Vigraha, Divine archa-vigraha made of 5 metals including gold, silver, bronze, copper and iron.

That event of installation is celebrated even now as Guru Pushya utsavam [குரு புஷ்ய உத்சவம்]  for Three days. It is held in the month of Thai, on Pushyam day. Festival starts on Thiruvadhirai (Arudra)and concludes on Pushyami, for three days.

This year the event is being celebrated from 25th  jan 2013 (friday) to 27th  jan 2013 (sunday). Both morning and evening purapadu will take place.

All are requested to participate in this utsavam and get Swami Emberumanar anugragham. (As its a long week end holidays hope many can plan to be there to experience the bliss)

Find below few pics taken during last year’s celebrations.











Photo courtesy – Shri Thirumazhisai Srikanth.




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  1. Pl inform me the date of Guru Pushyam utsavam at Sriperumbudur in 2014. I thought Guru Pushyam is pushya nakshatram falling on Thursday (Guru). So 16th Jan 2014 should be Guru Pushyam utsavam. But Thai Poosam falls on 17.1.2014. Kindly confirm the date.


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