Andal Kalyanam at New Delhi Thirukkoils for Bhogi


Andal Kalyanam took place in a grand manner at Sri Vaikuntanathji Mandir and Sri Venkateswara Mandir, New Delhi today evening to celebrate Bhogi padigai. The utsavam started at 4 pm at Sri Vaikuntanathji Mandir and at about 6:30 pm  at Sri Venkateswara Mandir.

At Sri Vaikuntanathji Mandir, Andal thirukkalyanam with Ranganathar (utsavar) took place in a traditional way including tying of the manja kappu (for Perumal, Andal and the bhattars), thirumangalya dharanam and varanam aayiram.  Sri Srinivasa bhattar (chief archakar) explained to the bhaktas the essence of the alankaram of Andal and Perumal with both of them holding a parrot (kili) each – signifying the transfer of sandesam from Andal to Ranganathar. The sandesam is about jagad udharanam for the ujjeevanam of jeevatmas like us.

At Sri Venkateswara Mandir, Sri Srinivasar (utsavar) with His Ubhaya Nachiyars and Andal (utsavar) had purappadu around the koil prakaram and malai matram (exchange of garlands) took place at Andal Sannidhi.  Thereafter, the utsavars were brought back to the main sannidhi where they were joined by Periyazhwar (Andal’s thiruthopanar).

The following are some of the photographs taken at the two temples today evening…

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