Saligrama Mahimai – 08 Scred Facts about Saligrama – 08

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Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.
Saligrama Mahimai – 08 Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 08

From the Previous chapters, one of the readers has requested whether it is acceptable to worship Salagrama which is broken into two pieces. In fact, not even two pieces, if the Salagrama is broken into several pieces too it is divine. There is no Dosha as per Padhma Purana.

One of our readers has requested why we should discard Salagramas which are wide open and more pores. As per Salagrama Silothpathi, Wide open Salagramas will fetch fall of the family dynasty and Salagrama with more pores or holes will inculcate gossiping nature in household.

More over it also describes that, worshipping Salagramas which are, soft will fetch self desires, small sized will fetch Moksha, Cool will fetch Happiness, Black will fetch fame, reddish will fetch ruling power, blue will fetch descendents, green will fetch fertility and health, Yellow will fetch wealth. Finally Grey color is to be worshipped by Sanyasis (sage).

Let us also see some of the Laskhanas (Forms of Salagramas)

Vasudevan – Should be rich Blackish in Color. Should have two chakars inscriptions in the open.

Sankarshanan – Should be Red in Color. Should have two chakars inscriptions in the open.

Pradhyumnan – Should be Blue in Color. Should have more pores / holes. Should have minute / delicate Chakras. (Not to be bothered on the more holes for this Form of Salagrama)

Anirudhan – Should be Yellow in Color. Should have Padhma (Lotus) inscriptions.

Narayanan – Should be Black in Color. Should be round shaped. Should have a big and wide Opening.

A Grandha named SreeThathuvam describes that only those who had upanayanam can perform Salagrama Pooja. Some also say that only Samasrayanam  will make one eligible for Salagrama Worship. In both cases, women folks are not entitled to do Salagrama pooja. Women if help in Salagrama Pooja and worship Salagrama itself will make them achieve more benefits.

Bachelors and Sages should worship Salagramas with more Chakra inscriptions. Married Men should worship more subtle and mild Salagramas.

SreeThathuvam also prescribes that one should not have  two SivaLingas , two Dwaraka Chakras, two Conch, three Ganapathy Vigraha, three Devis Vigrahas in home for worship. Only even number viz 4,6,8,10,12.. except 2 , Salagramas are allowed to keep for worship. But at the same time odd numbers like 3, 5, 7, 9 numbers of Salagramas are not allowed while only one Salagrama is allowed for worship.

Further let us see some of the Lakshanas of Salagramas:

Pramesti Salagramas will have lotus, chakra inscriptions along with one Bindhu (Dots). This has one hole on the backside.

Vishnu Salagrama will have big Chakra and linings (Rekhas) in the middle.

Narasimha Salagrama will be blacker in Color. Will have bigger Chakra inscriptions, along with five Bindhus. This is as described in Agni Purana.

Garuda Purana describes that Narasimha Salagrama will be in golden color or Kapila color and centre part in elevated manner with three to five Bindhus.

Both the above are applicable to Narasimha Salagramas.

Varaha Salagrama will be triangular in shape. Will have two rings in the left side. Will have two uneven chakras (Agni Purana).

Will have long facet, ringed with flowers and will have Chakra inscriptions in the hole. (SreeThathuvam)

Let us unfold one by one in the coming Chapters.. !

to be continued…..
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