Thiruman Kaappu


Sriman U Ve Vipaschinmani Navalpakkam Dr. Vasudevan Thathachar Swami has published a simple book about Thiruman Kaappu and the need for it, the applying method, purpose et al. Many readers would have studied swami’s series of article in Sri Ranganatha Paduka and for those who have missed it, this book is highly recommended.

Swami without getting into the vichaaram of which thiruman is correct has given a beautiful description about why thiruman is a must on all sri vaishnavaas forehead, the applying method, purpose and the shastra pramaanaas which is taken by Swami Nigamanta Maha Desikan in Saccharithra raksha. Copies can be obtained from:

Sriman Dr. Navalpakkam Vasudevachar Swami by contacting swami at

Sriman Kalyanapuram Devasthaanam Saamam Parthasarathy Swami at
#12, North Chithirai Street, SriRangam, Trichy – 620006.
Ph: 0431-2433941, +91 98405 72451

Alternatively can be enquired at,


Sri V. Narasimhan
Pl. No. 10, Annai Nagar Extn.,
Thirunindravur, Chennai – 24. Cell: 99401-83200

Ubaya Vedanta Grantha Amrutham
No. 11, Hasthigiri Street, Chennai – 33. Ph: 044 2483 46 66

Courtesy: Sri VS Pradip Swami

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