kUdArai veLLum sIr – 100 tadA offering to Lord Malolan and Dolai Kannan at Selaiyur




The sacred Month of  Marghazhi will be dawning in a couple of weeks .
The Dhanur Maasa ArAdhanam  and recital of our most Merciful Mother ANDAL’s ThiruppAvai sunAdham will be  heard every where . On Jan 11, 2013 , BhagavAn Malolan will be presented 100  tadAs of Akkaaravadisil by 100 sihyAs and AbhimAnis of SrI Matam . adiyEn is  enclosing a note from Ahobila Mutt NA on the samarpaNam of 100 tadAs and the  way to participate in this  kaimkaryam and receive the Silver tadA for use in nityArAdhanam at your houses .   Please join in this annual  offering of AkkAravadisil samarpaNam on “ KoodArai Vellum seer Govindhan” dinam  .
The details on the Dhanur  Maasa ArAdhanam for  SrI Matam sishyAs and the commentaries are available  at Sadagopan.org via links of sundarasimham.org and Ahobilavalli.org  on the left side of home  page:
1. ebook #1 in  Ahobilavalli.org ( Dhanur Maasa ArAdhanam)
2. ebook # 6 in Ahobilavalli.org (  Thiruppaavai UpanyAsams of HH Srimad Poundareekapuram Andavan Swamy)
3. ebook # 62 in Sundarasimham.org (  Thiruppaavai : Sri PerukkAraNai Swamy’s book )
4. ebook # 3 in Sundarasimham.org ( SrI  Godhaa Stuti of Swamy Desikan )
You can send in your contribution to:
Sri Ahobila Muth, Inc.
3160 Manor Bridge Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004
Alternatively, you can order through the book order page and pay through  Paypal. This option will be set up over the next couple of days.  
The cost to  sponsor is $150. If you would like a relative or friend of yours in India to  receive the tadA and prasAdam, please indicate that along with their name when  you send in your sponsorship contribution. Otherwise, you can collect the tadA  from Sri Matam when you are in India the next time.
 If you are in India, please contact Sri Matam at Selaiyur to sponsor the  tadA. You can attend the event on january 11th, 2013 and collect the prasAdam  and tadA after it is offered to PerumAl. The cost in India will be Rs.  8,200. 
Please note that you can claim a tax deduction in the US only for the  amount contributed less the fair value of the silver tadA, which will be  noted in the receipt.
Thank you all for your support for this kainkaryam.
Sri Ahobila Muth, USA

Srimathe Sri Lakshminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan  Satagopa Sri Narayana Yathindra Maha Desikaya Namaha

Courtesy : Sri Raghavan Rajaji


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