Sri Padmavathi Thayar Kartheeka Brahmotsavam Update



Kartheeka Brahmotsavams is the spectacular mega event of procession of the Processional deity of Goddess Padmavathi, the consort of Lord Venkateswara in the holy town of Tiruchanoor, where in the Goddess takes a pleasure ride on various divine vahanams(Vehicles) for nine days and graces the pilgrim devotees.

Here are some of the pics of ongoing Brahmotsavam

Chinna Sesha Vahanam: The Goddess Padmavathi Devi has taken a celestial ride on Chinna Sesha Vahanam on first day evening of Brahmotsavams




PEDDASESHA VAHANAM : The pilgrims were blessed to see the Goddess on this celestial vahanam on the second day morning of the Brahmotavams .








Temple priest of Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple performed Snapana Tirumanajanam to Processional Deity of Goddess Padmavathi at Sri Krishna Mukha Mandapam inside Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple, Tiruchanur as part of ongoing Annual Kartheeka Brahmotsavam on 2nd day afternoon.



Hamsa Vahanam : The Goddess Padmavathi is taken for a celestial ride on the Hamsa Vahanam, on eveningof the second day of the on going Brahmotavams between 8pm to 10pm. The pilgrims believe that the very sight of the Divine Mother on the procession of Divine Swan will enlighten the wisdom.


Muthyapu pandiri vahanam : Processional deity of Goddess Padmavathi is taken out in procession of tastefully decorated `Muthyapu pandiri vahanam on 3rd day, morning of Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Kartheeka Brahmotsavam



Simha Vahanam : Processional deity of Goddes Padmavathi in the form of Yoga Narasimha Murthy atop Simha Vahanam was taken out in procession around four mada streets on  3rd day, evening of ongoing Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Annual Kartheeka Brahmotsavam in Tiruchanur



Kalpa Vruksha vahanam :  On the fourth day of the festival the Processional Deity of Goddess Padmavathi is taken out in procession on Kalpa Vruksha as his vehicle signifying that he is the giver of boons to his devotees and fulfills their wishes.



Hanumantha Vahanam : On 4th day evening the processional deity of Goddess Sri Padmavathi Devi was taken on a celestial ride on the most revered servants of Lord Sri Rama, the Hanumantha Vahana, to show the importance of “Sharanagathi”-total surrender before Lord


GODDESS PADMAVATHI SIZZLES AS MOHINI ON FIFTH DAY MORNING : The Goddess Padmavathi Devi decked in multiple diamond studded gold jewels and draped in silk vastrams, sizzled the devotees in the guise of “Universal Beauty”-Mohini Avatar. The Goddess was seated inside the Palanquin (Pallaki Utsavam) and was taken along the four mada streets for a pleasure ride. Later the processional deity of Goddess Padmavathi was given celestial sandal bath, “Snapana Tirumanjanam”. The devotees and pilgrims were thrilled to see the Goddess Padmavathi in her most beautiful disguise.





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