Sri Sthavam – 8

Sri Amrudhavalli and Sri Senchulakshmi ThAyAr—Ahobilam
Sri Amrudhavalli and Sri Senchulakshmi ThAyAr—Ahobilam

Devi! Even Your Lord does not comprehend fully the limits of your KalyaaNa GuNaas. For that matter, You Yourself do not know the full extent of Your own auspicious qualities. This lack of awareness does not in any way cause harm to Your title as SARVAJNAI or as the one, who understands every aspect of knowledge. The reason for my view is as follows: Some think that one is a Sarvajnan, when one possesses knowledge about nonexisting things (e.g.) horn of a hare, Lotus growing in the sky, mirage in the desert. One, who prides themselves about knowledge of those non-real things would be at the head of a group of deluded ones. In Your case, however the limit to Your Mahima is an unreal thing (i.e.), there is no such limit. It is understandable therefore that You do not know about an unreal, non-existing thing. Hence, there is no dispute on Your Sarvajnatvam. Your “unawareness (Ajnanam)” is Yataartha Jnanaparaaya Ajnanam and is not a Sarvatvabanjaka Ajnanam. The essence of this verse is that Maha Lakshmi’s auspicious qualities do not have any limit (i.e.) they are limitless.



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