Naimisharanyam – Divya Desa Stala Puranam


Naimisaranyam – Lord in Forest Form. This kshetram is said to be one of the 8 swayam Vyaktha kshetrams. The other swayam Vyaktha kshetram are Sri Rangam, Srimushnam, Salagramam, Thotadri (Vaanamamalai), Tirupathi, Pushkaram and Badri. A Detailed Stala puranam in tamil can be read below. This stala puranam is written by Sri U.Ve. Vidwan Yegai Vedanta Desika Thatacharyar Swami of Thiruvallur.

Stalapuranam in English can be read from:






Stalapuranam in English can be read from:


  1. Adiyen dasan,

    Very nice info and very kind of you for sharing the info , please advise whether the author has published about all the divyadesam, seems to be a great scholar who is wellversed in Puranas and nice way of writings with lot of informations and older rare book with interesting collective information, if available would like to get a soft copy.

  2. Adiyean Dasan .,

    Thanks for your Valuable Divya Desa Vaibhavam in Tamil…

    Great Kainkaryam … Kindly diplay the remaining part of

    naimisharanyam divya desa vaibhavam (in tamil) which is

    discontinued inbetween ..


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