Sri Sthavam – 2 & 3

Thiru Anbil ThAyAr

Oh Maha Lakshmi! You are the mother of the entire universe and its inhabitants. I wish to offer my praise to You. Please grant me the gift of Vak (Speech) appropriate for this task! Please grow my intellect and devotion to carry out this undertaking! May my Bhakti become Parama Bhakti through Your blessing! Please accept my Kaimkaryam as that coming from one, who has surrendered at Your Lotus feet. Please make me joyous through the acceptance of my Vaachika Kaimkaryam! May we the Prapannas become the object of the waves of Your most merciful and compassionate glances! This is the verse for which Sri P.B. Anna offered the imaginary dialog referred to above.

KurEsar addresses MahA Lakshmi as “Samastha Loka Janani”and prays: “amee vayam cha tE katAksha veechi visruthE: lakshyam syAma”. Prayer here is for the people of the land (amee) and for those, who belong to the Thondar Kulam (vayam). AzhwAr prays for the waves of SrI Devi’s glances to fall on all.

Thirucherai SaaranAyaki

In the previous verse, KurEsa said: “tvaam SthOthum Yeehaamahe”. He expressed his desire to praise Her. Now he elaborates on the difference between his Stotra Sabdhaarthams and that of others. He says that the common poets praise either gunaas that are not there in the subject being praised or drably describe the limited qualities of their subject. For instance, a poet may praise a bald man as the one, who has flowing locks of hair and thus describe some thing that is not there in reality. Some other common poets describe the qualities correctly, but find that there is a limited quantity of particulars to describe about their subject. There is not much to praise. KurEsa reveals that he is not hampered by either of these two difficulties, when he attempts to praise Maha Lakshmi and Her KalyaaNa GuNaas. There is no problem of exaggeration in Her case, since She has all the auspicious qualities to a state of perfection. Her KalyaaNa GuNaas are also so abundant that there is no shortage on the subject matter to praise. Her KalyaaNa GuNaas are limitless and there is no possibility of exhausting them or exaggerating them. Even Hayagreevan, the Lord of speech can not succeed in describing adequately Your vast sea of auspicious guNams.


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