44th Srimad Azaghiysingar Thirunakshtram, Sri Ahobila Mutt


Today (August 21, 2012), 44th Srimad Azaghiysingar Thirunakshtram was celebrated in a grand manner at  Sri Ahobila Mutt, Selayur. Peria and Chinna Azaghiyasingars conducted the Utsavam.

The following are some of the photographs taken today…

The following are some of the old videos featuring the 44th Srimad Azaghiyasingar…

Harathi to Malolan & Satari by 44th Srimad Azaghiyasingar

Part1 Samprokshnam Srirangam Gopuram built by Srimad Azaghiyasingar

Part 2 Samprokshnam Srirangam Gopuram built by Srimad Azaghiyasingar
(In this Kalasa Thirumanjanam,HH witnessing Samprokshnam along with Sri.R.Venkataraman & MGR)

Photo and video courtesy: Sri Tinku Venkatesan Swami and Sri Veeraraghavan Swami

Avani hastham is the thirunakshatram of the renowned Mukkur Srimad Azhagiasingar, best known for his last kainkaryam of transforming the ‘mottai gopuram’ of the glorious temple at Sri Rangam into a magnificent new, towering edifice, the very sight of which fills every Sri vaishnavite heart with bhakti. The elderly saint’s untiring efforts in building the beautiful gopuram, in response to Sri Ranganatha’s divyagya in his swapnam, would bring tears to the eyes of anyone who had been associated with the project; for, at the ripe old age of 90+, he used to personally supervise the construction by climbing the tenth tier of the gopuram. He was indeed a person of indefatigable energy in the service of the Lord.

Another characteristic he is remembered for is his uncompromising stand on the paratvam of Sriman Narayana, which he reiterated at all fora, unmindful of accolades or brickbats from the so-called ‘secular’ people. His erudition in Sri Bhashyam is well known and he used to delight in raising seemingly unanswerable questions on the various adhikaranas and providing answers for the same to the baffled audience. This Azhagia singar was generous to a fault and no person, Sri Vaishnava or not, who went to him for financial assistance, came away empty handed. On this day, let us remember with reverence and gratitude this magnificent acharya who, through Saranagati pradaanam, ensured the liberation of countless Sri Vaishnavas.

Above write-up courtesy: Sri Sadagopan Iyengar Swami, Coimbatore

Today the 21st August is The Thirunakshatram of The 44th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt – Srivan Satakopa Sri Vedantha Desika Yatheendra Maha Desikan. This Acharya is really Great and exceptional in many ways. He built The Raja Gopuram for Lord Sri Ranganatha at Srirangam, the tallest one, when he was in his ninetees. What cannot be achieved by very great men, kings and other Acharyas for centuries was accomplished by this Acharyan, by The Grace of Lord Sri Ranganatha.

Sishyas Abhimanis who had the good fortune to have been associated with this Acharya will know how simple, kind approachable he was. Ever kind and receptive, he will insist anyone visiting the Srimatam to have the meals receive pala Manthaakshathai only after that. He will personally enquire about the welfare of each everyone, offer words of solace comfort to those who tell their problems.

Even when many obstacles emerged, like financial, political and threats from vested interests, in his constructing The Raja Gopuram at Srirangam, he remained resolute and eventually had The Samprokshanam performed on the date fixed. I remember this great Acharya, sitting next to the then Chief Minister MGR, with closed eyes with tears, ANANDA BHAASHPAM, rolling down in his cheeks as The Samprokshanam was completed.

I place myself at the feet of this great Acharyan with lots and lots of reverance memories of his unfathomable Grace to all those who sought his Anugraham, on this day of his Thirunakshatram.

Above write-up courtesy: Sri Kombur Vankkepuram Madhavan Swami, Salem 

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  1. Adiyen bhagyam to see the acharyan 44th pattathu Mukkur Jeer swami & the samprokshanam of Srirangam Gopuram.Thank from the bottom of our heart.May Ranganayaki sametha Ranganatha bless you.

  2. It is indeed very thoughtful of you to reproduce the
    rayagopuram samprokshanam. Just by chance I had the
    good fortune to experience this sacred occasion again.
    Thank you again and again for the wonderful service
    you are doing consistently.


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